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Gov't Control: Banning Giant Sodas in N.Y., What's Next?

America, the land of the free...that is until the government steps in...

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on a health kick for New York City and he wants to stop the sales of large sodas and other sugary drinks, any over 16 ounces in movie theaters, restaurants and serving carts. 

This is one of his ways in helping America battle obesity.

Bloomberg is making a decision for people and trying to "protect" them from obesity. But when you look at this in a bigger sense, ask yourself... is he protecting New Yorkers and anyone else traveling through New York City or is Bloomberg just pushing this government control thing a bit too far? 

Banning the size on sodas! Like, really!?

Mind you, New York City already banned smoking in restaurants and public parks and trans fats are banned from food served in restaurants. 

The smoking law I can understand, because you may be harming others around you who inhale the smoke. While all this is well and for a good cause, my point is...what else can the government ban? Isn't it the persons choice to eat what they want? 

I'm not a soda drinker but I think it should be up to us and not the government whether we want that extra large Pepsi or not. People need to take responsibility for their own health and what goes into their mouths. Adults don't need the government telling them what size soda to drink or what to eat.

Image via: New York Times
Bloomberg is stating his case about the soda ban
and has the amount of sugar contained in each soda placed by it.

Bloomberg's administration also forced New York City eateries to put calorie counts on menus... and this is very helpful but people are still going to do what they want, healthy or not. They may see a thousand calories for a burger and yet still eat it.

And, people who want that extra large soda will find another way, how about just ordering two medium sizes? You may have to pay a little more but you're still consuming the same amount of soda. Or what about free refills in restaurants... did Bloomberg even think about that?

My point is...if the government can limit the size on sodas - which is just ridiculous to me - what can they possibly do next?

How do you feel about this? Like, am I bugging or do you feel what I'm saying?


  1. I think its wrong. But I'm not mad. He has a point tho...I will think twice about buying two of something lol. May save some people money!

    1. Word! Maybe New Yorkers will think twice before spending their money on a big gulp...a soda is probably like 4 bucks there smh


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