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Lindsay Lohan Has a Car Accident, Goes to Hospital and is Fine Now

Actress Lindsay Lohan was involved in a very bad car accident earlier today on a highway in California. 

According to TMZ, Lindsay's rented black Porsche hit the back of an 18-wheeler truck (photos below).

Lindsay was driving and her assistant was in the passenger seat. They were reportedly headed to a set to work on a Lifetime movie 'Liz & Dick.' 

Eyewitnesses told TMZ both of the ladies were bleeding and bruised. They were taken to the hospital immediately following the accident. 

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay said the accident wasn't her fault and the 18-wheeler cut her off, causing her to hit the back of the truck. Fortunately no one was injured. 

Lindsay is out of the hospital already and is reportedly heading back to work.

Lindsay Lohans wrecked porsche in tow
Photos via: TMZ
Lindsay Lohan car accident: totalled porsche