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A Miami Zombie Attack Prank Inspired From All the Wacky News Lately (Video)

With all the crazy cannibalism news stories that have been reported lately, a man recently dressed up like a zombie and decided to pull a prank on Floridians. The prank comes days after a face-eating attack was reported. 

Vitaly Zdorovetskity, the filmmaker of the posted YouTube video, is catching a lot of slack because maybe the joke is a little too soon. The Huffington Post also called his viral video racist, being that the majority of the prank victims are black.

The people in the video have no idea this is a joke and all of them run away from the zombie-like creature. 

In one scene, Vitaly rolled up on a group of kids playing basketball and one kid threw his basketball at Vitaly. In another scene, one person runs and even pulls out a gun (at the two minute mark)! Watch below:


They weren't running at the end!


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