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Rihanna Denies Using a Body Double in Armani Commercial (Photos)

Rihanna Sighting In New York City - June 11, 2012
Rihanna pictured in a see-through top 
walking in New York City yesterday (June 11)
Rihanna is in the midst of promoting her newest fragrance Rebelle in a brand new nude billboard ad in New York City (shown below) and she is in the center of controversy for her newly released Armani ad commercial (video below).

In the commercial, Rihanna is seen in Armani undies but according to British tabloid The Sun, the shots of bust in and butt in the commercial aren't Rihanna's but they supposedly belong to her body double, an Irish model named Jahnassa Aicken.

The other woman: Jahnassa Aicken is rumoured to be the body shown in parts of the sexy commercial
Is that Rihanna or Jahnassa?
Jahnassa Aicken pictured on left
Rihanna was outraged at the paper's allegations, denied them and she blasted off in a series of tweets:

"Ok @thesunnewspaper, this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F**K YOU…AND yo baggy a** condom."

.... I don't get the 'baggy a** condom' thing but Rihanna also tweeted asking: "Who is Jahnassa?"

Sheer exhibitionism: Rihanna left little to the imagination as she teamed a see-through bra top with a matching skirt while stepping out in New York yesterday
Making a statement: A huge billboard showing a nude picture of Rihanna is on display in New York's bustling Times Square
Rihanna's nude billboard in Times Square