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"Shh Cards" Handed Out on Trains to Shut People Up

The MTA has adopted the new quiet cars on trains for a more peaceful ride and now it looks as if the Long Island Rail Road is expanding on the program. 

Conductors in these "quiet cars" will hand out special "Shh" cards... yes "Shh" ... to any train rider who makes too much noise and doesn't follow the rules.

Like really!? 

Sounds funny but can be a good thing. Me personally, I don't like hearing other people's conversations. it explains:

Following a successful pilot, the LIRR’s Quiet Car Program will be expanded to include all electric trains as of June 18. On Quiet Cars we ask that customers keep their conversations to a whisper, turn down the volume on hand-held electronics, lower their headphone volume and put cell phones on vibrate. The program is voluntary in nature, with customers monitoring themselves. Crew members in the designated Quiet Cars hand out special "Shh" cards to those who are non-compliant. The Quiet Car will be the head car on morning rush hour trains and the last car on evening rush hour trains. The program will only be in effect during AM and PM rush hours.

Take a look at the report via ABC News: