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Watch Here: 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Premiere

All I have to say is that this show is a hot mess! But I'm gonna keep watching. 

Stevie J got on my nerves during last nights premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. That whole situation with him, Joseline and Mimi got on my nerves, so I want to see how that pans out. We did see in an upcoming clip that Joseline reveals she is pregnant to Stevie J. 

Mimi needs to leave his no good Producing a** alone! She kept saying in last nights episode that she knows what goes down in studios and blah, blah. Like helloooo, look at how Joseline and Stevie J were acting in front of her! Ughh.

I thought it was funny as hell when Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club was talking about the premiere episode this morning and Charlamagne kept saying Joseline is a him. She does look a little manly in the face.

Also, I didn't know Diamond left Lil' Scrappy for Soulja Boy! PLAYYYED! 

And, how about Lil' Scrappy's mother Mama D! This lady is straight up gangsta. Is she another Mama Jones or what! Lol. 

Incase you missed last nights premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta you can get into all the drama below: