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America's Got Talent Wraps Up the Quarter-Finals, Results and Video

America's Got Talent wrapped up the quarter finals earlier tonight in Newark, New Jersey, and boy did the last group end with a bang!

Before I get into anything else, these are the four quarter finalists that made it through to the top 48 tonight:
1) Olate Dogs - Dog show

2) William Close - Earth harp player

3) Joe Castillo - Sand artist

4) Eric Dittleman - Mind reader

It was no surprise that Olate Dogs was called first. This is the best animal show I've ever seen! I've never seen a dog doing back flips before (check the video out below). 

So much amazing talent filled the stage last night and the judges told viewers they would have a tough choice narrowing it down to only four choices.

Eric and Olivia
My personal picks and favorties were: Olate Dogs, Eric Dittleman, Eric and Olivia and Sebastien El Charro. 

Olivia's voice reminds me of an Adele or Amy Winehouse type of voice, special and different. 

Howie said time and time again that he didn't think her and Eric's talent was a million dollar act and said their performance was more suited for a lounge or coffee shop.

Sebastien El Charro
And what a pair of lungs on that kid Sebastien who wow'd the judges every time with his Mariachi band. These two acts unfortunately didn't make it through, but maybe they will make it back as Wild Card picks.

Towards the end of the show, Lindsey Norton fell in sixth place and was sent home, leaving mind reader, Eric Dittleman and male clogging group, All That in fourth and fifth place. They were 1% apart in votes and the judges were faced with a tough decision on who to send through.

Dittleman won votes from Howie and Howard which secured his final place in the top 48. Sharon - who voted for All That - announced that she is choosing this group as one of her Wild Card choices. So All That will be back to clog away on the stage.

AGT will return in 3 weeks on August 14th while the Olympics broadcasts on NBC. The show will return with acts from You Tube submissions.


  1. I definitely think the acts that moved on did indeed deserve to do so. Everyone else did a great job as well, and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them come back as wild cards. This round of performances has been my favorite so far, and I've actually watched it multiple times on Dish Online. My recording was accidentally deleted off of my DVR, so luckily I am able to watch it over and over again on that site. My coworkers at Dish and I are in agreeance that Joe Castillo was our favorite act of the night, and really think he is going to go far in the competition. He has such a unique talent, and I appreciate the stories he tells. Who is your number one favorite act so far?

    1. Hi there! I actually have a couple of favorites. I'm rooting for a dancer to win this year, I like most of them and I also like Olate dogs.


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