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Bad Girls Club: Christina and Julie Get Physical and Mehgan is Not Wanted in the House

Episode 2: Wash, Rinse, Re-beat"

  • Part I: Mehgan vs. Rima
  • Dinner Beef
  • Club Night Turned Bad
  • Christina and Julie Battle it Out (Video Peek)
  • Does Mehgan Go Home?
The fight between Mehgan and Rima picks back up this week. Mehgan kept talking about Rima's hygiene along with Falen and Julie. They said Rima was dirty because she didn't shower that morning, after a night of partying.

Premiere Recap: The Girls Are Beefing and Fighting Already

Part I: Mehgan vs. Rima

Mehgan puts her hands on Rima first and all hell breaks loose.

"Why are you worried about what the f*ck I'm doing?," Rima asks Mehgan.

Mehgan answers, "Because I want you to smell good boo."

"... If you come at me on some disrespectful sh*t and you're within arms reach, anybody can get slapped."

Mehgan is still trying to explain herself after their fight and said she wasn't the one who called the hot tub dirty. 

Erika tries talking to Mehgan after the fight and Mehgan puts her hand in Erika's face. Erika makes it clear to all the girls, don't put your hands in her face because that will get you "chin-checked."

The house seems divided already: Mehgan, Falen and Julie on one side and Christina, Rima, Erika on the other side. Ashley is somewhere in the middle just having fun. 

Erika feels like some of the girls, mainly Mehgan, pick on Ashley and say rude comments to her because Ashley is an easy target.

"Ashley is dumb because her brain is made out of Starbust, Skittles and Froot Loops. She doesn't have a real brain like the rest of us," Erika says. 

"I'm pretty sure if you cut Ashley open her blood would be like glitter and pink. She's literally made up of sugar, spice and everything nice."

Lol. Aww, leave Ashley alone!

Julie, Mehgan and Falen are clique'd up outside and talking about Erika. Christina overhears their conversation and runs back to tell Erika they're talking about her, calling her names like a Rockwilder. 

"I don't like b*tches who say one thing to my face and then go behind my back...," Erika says. 

Dinner Beef

Later on, while out for dinner, all the roommates are sitting at the table and Mehgan starts off the convo by asking the other girls, why can't they say anything to her face. Rima calls it like she see's it and tells Mehgan she's the most fake in the house.

"Mehgan is on my sh*t list, I wanna poke her f*ckin' eye out, I want her out the house, either she goes or I go," Rima says.

Mehgan makes it clear to Rima that she doesn't befriend b*tches that she fights but they wind up calling a truths for now to be cordial to one another.

Next thing you know, Christina and Falen are going at it. Christina steps to Falen, gets in her face and once again, dares another girl to do something. Falen doesn't step to her and the argument wears off until Julie butts in.

There has been a lot of animosity between Christina and Julie since day 1 in the house. Julie tells Christina that she starts stuff while they're out in public but she won't step to them in the house. 

"I can go to your room and take it to the house, it's not a problem," Christina says.

After dinner, while the girls party, the two cliques divide up; Erika, Rima, Christina and Ashley go off to dance on top of the bar, Rima takes her pants off (which is the usual now) and Ashley makes out with some dude. Falen, Mehgan and Julie stand back and watch the other girls party it up, they call themselves "the classy girls."

On the way back home from the club, Mehgan says Rima is a sloppy hot mess. Rima explains in the limo that she loves the skin she is in and calls her self a local celebrity back at home in Chicago.

Later on, Julie is still thinking about Christina and says, "I'm just waiting for her to get in my face so I can finally slap this b*tch, sh*t is about to go down."

But Christina says, "Unlike the rest of the girls, you're not gonna pick on me. And, every time you say something to me, I'm just gonna keep f*cking your a** up."

Club Night Turned Bad

During another club night, Erika and Rima fall back and stay home because Erika isn't feeling too well. 

Christina dances by herself and can feel Julie and crew talking about her as they watch her dance, but she doesn't care. 

Towards the end of the club night and while paying the bar tab, Julie says Christina didn't have enough money to pay for her bill. Julie is pissed and ready to push Christina's buttons even more now.

Julie makes a comment to Falen and says, "Jersey is the armpit of America, so much f*cked up sh*t comes out of that state." 

I don't like this chick anymore, dissing my home state.. oh, hell no! 

While in the limo ride back home, Julie says some slick side remark about Christina's private area. When the girls get home, Christina marches inside the house saying she is gonna f*ck Julie up. 

But, another fight is about to happen in the meantime when Mehgan notices that while Erika and Rima were home, they wrote and posted stickers all over picture. 

"Why do you guys always have to hate?" Mehgan asks Erika and Rima.

The talking doesn't last long when Rima throws alcohol on Mehgan and they fight on the kitchen floor. After the other girls break up Mehgan and Rima, Rima grabs a bottle of cranberry juice and gives Mehgan a cranberry bath. 

Then, Mehgan goes in Rima's room, grabs some of her clothes and throws them in the pool. Erika goes outside to stop Mehgan and reminds her that she was the one who said on the very first day that she didn't want anyone touching her stuff and throwing it in the pool.

Christina and Julie Battle it Out

Christina thinks this is the perfect time to confront Julie about her sh*t talking in the limo. She changed out of her club clothes and put sneakers on, she's comfortable and she's ready. Christina finds Julie in the kitchen and confronts her.

Julie says right back, "B*tch I don't like you."

Christina gets right in her face and Julie kind of hits and mushes Christina's face and neck. The two come to blows and this one is a good one. Christina rips out some of Julie's weave, puts it on the stove and burns it. After they are pulled away by security, Julie goes in and the two fight again!

"My game plan is to get to b*tches that I don't like and I obviously got to Jersey tonight," Julie says.

Take a peep of the fight below:

Right after the Christina and Julie fight happens, Rima goes into Mehgan's room, grabs some of her things and in the pool they go. 

Erika thinks throwing things in the pool is stupid and childish, other seasons did that. But, Rima doesn't stop there. She grabs more of Mehgan's clothes and shoes and throws them over the wall of their yard and she rips some of Mehgan's clothes.

Does Mehgan Go Home?

Rima, Erika and Christina decide to call a house meeting because they want to vote on Mehgan leaving the Bad Girls house since she attacked Rima twice and hit her first.

But, the vote winds up deadlocked because Ashley isn't sure if she wants Mehgan to leave, even after Mehgan picked on her earlier. Of course Rima, Christina and Erika want Mehgan gone. Julie and Falen don't raise their hands.

"Vote me out the house, like I don't care what the vote is.. this isn't Survivor," Mehgan said. "You can vote all you want, I'm not leaving until I'm ready."

During the house meeting, Julie tells Christina that they don't like each other and they don't have to keep fighting, she just won't talk to her. But this won't be the last time these two throw fists at each other.

After the voting, Rima, Erika and Christina are a little pissed with Ashley that she didn't vote to send Mehgan packing. 

Rima has a message for Mehgan and says, "... Best believe, you'll be leaving before I do, so watch your back."

Uh oh! Who is gonna be the first Bad Girl to leave?

Next week: It looks like Rima flip-flops as she says she wants to be cool with everybody (including Mehgan?) and this pisses off Erika. Stay tuned!