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Bad Girls Club: Rima Gets Bullied Into Leaving the House and She Fights to Stay

Episode 4: Girls Gone Ham

Erika yelling at Rima
This week, the Bad Girls Club picks back up with Erika calling Rima out for talking behind her back to Julie.

"You a dirty a**, hood rat a** b*tch," Erika calls Rima.

Rima says she rather have the whole house against her than with her and she rather not talk to anybody. Erika plans to mess with Rima every single day until she gets her to go home. But, Rima tells Ashley she will stay until the end.

Julie snitched on Rima. Why do these girls continue to open up and trust each other in the bad girls house? That's never a good idea.

LAST WEEK'S RECAP: Mehgan, Julie and Falon Plot to Break Up the Other Clique and Rima Becomes the New Target

Erika, Christina and Mehgan (from the other group) go out together. Mehgan says even though her and Rima recently made up, she still doesn't trust her.

Poor Rima
The other girls, minus Ashley (Rima's only friend in the house), all talk about ways to get Rima out of the house. While Rima is asleep, they decide to pack her belongings.

Ashley sits back and watches. She said in her first relationship, her first boyfriend abused her so now she's just trying to stay out of all of the house drama. But then it gets to a point where Ashley can't take it anymore so she wakes Rima up to warn her. 

"I feel bad. I want to stick up for you but I don't want anyone to hate me either," Ashley tells her.

Ashley doesn't want Rima to go home
Rima said she is going to keep her cool and not let anyone get the best of her. 

Erika tells Rima she thought they were going to be BFF's in the house until Rima turned on her. 

Julie takes it upon herself to throw pieces of ham on Rima's bed. Rima catches Julie and Julie dares Rima to pop off. Once again, Julie throws the first hit and gets in another fight.

Will Rima reach her boiling point soon?

"You think Rima at this point would be tired of having her a** whooped," Julie says. 

Julie also dubs herself "The Queen Instigator" of the house and says every fight so far started with her.

Julie finds it funny to start drama
After the fight, Mehgan realizes that Rima left her email open. She decides to write Rima's "sort of boyfriend" a bad email which says, "BTW I screwed two of your friends." After Rima explains to him that she didn't write that email, her and Ashley distance themselves from the drama in the house and take a trip to the beach.... big mistake! 

"We're like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she (Ashley) needs me... I feel like I have a best friend," 
Rima says.

But, back at the house, Rima's belongings are alone. The girls seize the opportunity to dump out Rima's foundation makeup and they throw her mattress in the pool... a Bad Girls tradition as Julie said.

One of Rima's friends call the house and asks Falon to speak to "the nappy headed hoe from Chicago" a.k.a Erika. Falon curses at Rima's friend and goes back and tells Erika.

"B*tch you gonna get your a** stomped the f*ck out," Erika says.

As soon as Rima gets back to the house, Erika confronts her for talking crap about her to her friends.

Rima peeps her mattress in the pool and doesn't even care because she sleeps in Ashley's bed most of the time.  But, Erika threatens Ashley and says if she brings Rima in their room she will throw her mattress in the pool too. 

"Fine I'll sleep on the floor, I don't really care," Ashley says. Personally I don't wanna be around them anyway, they're just being awful."

Christina is done with picking on Rima
On another night, Christina says she feels guilty and she's over picking on Rima. She isn't down for the bullying. 

Christina talks to Ashley and tells her she feels bad and she apologizes to Rima. Christina doesn't feel like Rima and Ashley should have to sleep outside. But, her BGC bestie, Erika is still pissed at Rima.

After a night of partying, Erika and her new followers (Mehgan, Falon and Julie) return to the house where Rima is now fast asleep on the couch. They decide to pick on Rima some more and bang pots and pans in her face... Tanisha style.

"You're not catching no type of zzz's in here boo...," Erika says. "Take you dirty sluttish a** home b*tch, cuz we're gonna wake you up like this every single day."

"My name is in your mouth 24/7, get the f*ck over it," Rima says.

Christina says at this point she can't stand Erika and if she was woman enough she would handle Rima hersellf instead of picking on her with a crowd.

Things get more intense in the house when Erika yells out to Rima, "go hang herself." Ashley tells her she's being really rude. Erika snaps back at Ashley and tells her to back down and mind her business.

"Erika before, I thought she was so funny but who raised you to talk to someone like that?" Ashley questions.

Erika feels like she can do whatever and no one will hit her. Christina tells her to calm down because its been three days and she's still torturing Rima.

Erika says, "She just needs to take her rat a** home."

Rima calls her "sort of boyfriend" and he tells her to stay strong. Rima says if she walks out the door then she will just be a loser and then there was no point of her coming there in the first place.

In hopes of calming everyone down, Ashley decides to set up salsa lessons for all the girls but this doesn't end good.

"I think it's really cute that you're planning activities for us but not everyone is going to get along," Julie warns Ashley.

Ashley tries to get Erika to come along and calls it a reuniting day. But, Erika said she will never reunite with a rat and says Rima just has to go home. She wants to keep bothering Rima until she goes crazy.

Rima hears the girls talking crap about her. Some of them don't want to go salsa dancing if she's going too.

Rima said she's done and tired, she's not leaving without a bang. When Erika addresses Rima as "Ratatouille," Rima decides to argue back.

"Honey you're talking out your a** because you're hating right now," Rima says to Erika.

Erika responds and says, "hating on what?" Then, she attacks Rima verbally with a low blow about being a single mother and that sets Rima off. 

Rima steps up to Erika, doesn't back down and doesn't get out of her face which sets Erika to hit Rima first.

Will the Rima torture stop? And, will Erika go home for throwing the first hit? Tune in next week!


  1. It's terrible that the girls are bullying Rima. She is entitled to her opinion and she is t getting in the girls faces and bothering them. It's sad that the girls are such followers and can't grow up.

  2. F**k u julie fat a**

  3. Rima ain't no bad girl. She is a big hoe and hoes are normally afraid to fight other girls. IJS


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