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Beyonce's 'Midnight Heat' Fragrance Ad (Photos)

Who doesn't have a fragrance nowadays?

Beyonce is rocking it out in her latest fragrance ad, 'Midnight Heat,' the fourth fragrance in her collection of scents. She launched her first perfume 'Heat' in 2010. After the original, 'Heat Ultimate Elixir' and 'Heat Rush' came out. 

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According to the product's website, 'Midnight Heat' is the "ultimate evening scent, sensual and enticing with just a hint of mystery." 

"I want women to feel sexy, strong, empowered and I want them to feel like they can conquer anything. When they walk into a room, I want them to feel like they can leave a lasting impression on everyone they walk past." - Beyonce

There is no confirmed released date yet for 'Midnight Heat' but there are rumors that the perfume will hit stores in the U.S. market in mid-August. 

So what do you think of the ad? Does it sell? I'm loving the purple, my favorite color by the way. Below is another version of the ad.