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Breaking News: Colorado Theater Shooter Faces Court Charges, Live in Court Now. Looks Very Crazy

This is the first time the world is seeing live pictures of James Holmes, the shooter of the Colorado theater massacre...

PHOTO: Suspect James Holmes appears in court, July 23, 2012. He is accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 in a movie theatre shooting.
James Holmes live in court now, sitting next to his assigned lawyer

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24-year-old James Holmes, the guy who is accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 people in a Colorado movie theater shooting spree during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, is facing his first court appearance now in Centennial, Colorado which is being shown live on CNN.

Odd Behavior in the Courtroom:

Holmes looks very chilling and crazy in the courtroom. At times his head is down, other times his eyes are wide.They're not even sure of his mental condition. 

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The audio was a little fuzzy on CNN so while they worked out the problems, reporters and CNN's Legal Contributor talked about the suspect and said Holmes looks "pretty chilling. If you look into his eyes."

It was also said, "he's totally unemotional, he's very flat in his presentation, when people are charged in a serious crime they're usually engaged..."

Holmes sat there with orangy, yellowish, red hair (he previously said he was The Joker from Batman) and he looked very out of it, as if he was drugged up. But, it was said usually at an arraignment a suspect isn't even on drugs if they have psychological issues. Holmes also wore a bullet proof vest underneath his clothes.

A photo of the shooter found on the internet
Holmes is placed in isolation in prison so inmates don't take his life:

While in jail, Holmes was said to have spit on police officers and inmates noticed his bizarre behavior. He is also on suicide watch and had to be protected so he wouldn't be stabbed by other prisoners who are very angry at the crimes Holmes committed. He is in solitary confinement. 

Holmes' family members have expressed their condolences to the victims and want their privacy. They weren't really pointed out in the courtroom yet but it is said some of them may be present. It is being said a spokesperson will speak on the family's behalf to release a statement.

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Holmes is said to have been a normal person. He went from a star, brilliant student to dropping out of school and disappearing from friends and family to becoming a loner.

There is a protection order in which Holmes was ordered not to have any communication with witnesses or the victims who were injured in the shooting.

Holmes is currently being held without bond and formal charges are to be filed next Monday (July 30). 


  • There were two layers of extra security before Holmes walked into the back door of the courtroom. He was wearing brown flip-flops, burgundy scrubs and shackles. 
  • When Holmes sat down in the courtroom, everyone - journalists and family members  - immediately were trying to get a good look at him and there were gasps. Since coming in the courtroom, Holmes hasn't given any emotion and hasn't said anything.
  • The judge began by reading Holmes his Miranda rights.
  • If Holmes faces the death penalty: the defense will probably plead insanity. Holmes' behavior could just be a show because if he is declared mentally ill then the death penalty will be put off.
  • Some of the victims and their family members will speak in front of the cameras later. They're in a state of shock and disbelief, some said they won't ever go to the movie theater ever again.
  • 17 people are in the hospital now, 8 are in critical condition.
Holmes' apartment was "booby-trapped" to kill police and anyone else who walked in:
Responders breaking into Holmes'
apartment through the window
  • The apartment complex of Holmes is still being checked out. Authorities said his apartment was designed to kill and was rigged with different devices, like black powder to fuel an explosion. 
  • Anyone who walked into Holmes' apartment at first, would have been killed. 
  • The booby-trapping of his apartment could add more charges to Holmes in addition to the theater massacre.
  • Robots were sent into Holmes' apartment once they realized it was booby-trapped. Chemists, local police and the bomb squad were sent in while responders entered through a window, not the front door. 
  • Residents are still not allowed into the building while evidence is still being brought together.
More "Dark Knight" events canceled:
  • Hollywood hasn't released box office results of The Dark Knight Rises out of respect for the victims and their family members. 
  • Different red carpet and promotional events such as personal appearances by the cast of the movie have been cancelled.
  • There was a suspicious package in the hospital where James Holmes attended as a student. Building is being evacuated.
  • People that know Holmes' is saying he is a smart, normal guy. Holmes most likely knows if he is declared mentally insane he will get out of the death penalty.
Remembering the Shooting Victims:
  • Ages of the victims ranged from 6 to 51, most in their 20's.
  • There was a vigil for the family members of the victims. The mayor of Aurora (where the shooting happened) said the community will come out of this and claim their city. Names of the victims were also read off. 
  • Many community members said they can find it in their hearts to forgive but said they will never forgive.
  • One group of friends said they convinced their friend in the Air Force to come with them to the movie theater. Now, they feel partly responsible for making their friend come along.
Holmes' shooting devices:
  • His weapons were purchased legally, some bought online.
  • He was armed with a rifle, 12-gauge shotgun and two handguns.
  • He bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the internet and most gun store owners didn't question anything or think of anything suspiciously. 
  • Holmes' bizarre behavior prevented him from joining and becoming a member of a gun club weeks prior to the theater shooting. Holmes left a sort of weird message on an answering machine of a Range owner which raised concerns.
  • There were no background checks preventing Holmes' from buying these weapons. His only violation was a traffic ticket.
  • Now questions arise: How many other people are buying that many rounds of ammunition in the country where it doesn't even raise eyebrows or questions? Do gun laws need to be changed to stop individuals freely buying all of these weapons?
  • A Federal Law enforcement official told The Associated Press that the gunman's semiautomatic rifle jammed during the attack, forcing him to switch to another gun. This malfunction may have saved some lives.
Brother of shooting victim speaks out:
  • The brother of victim Jennifer Dodd spoke out. The brother suspects that Holmes is "a coward and a genius" and he, "doesn't believe for a second" that Holmes is insane.
  • The brother said he didn't want to go inside the courtroom and look at Holmes face in fear of what he might do if he saw him up close and personal.