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Chris Brown and His Girlfriend Get New Dragon Tattoos... Ewk!

Chris Brown recently showed off his newest tattoo which is now added to his large family of ink already on his body. The latest addition is a dragon tatt with a bunch of symbols.

On Thursday (July 12) Chris revealed the new back art and tweeted: “The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!!!!”

Chris Brown's new dragon tattoo on his back
His new design matches girlfriend Karrueche's new tattoo. She got a dragon design on her hand. 

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Karrueche's new hand tattoo
Supposedly, both of their tattoo's are in reference to the Chinese zodiac. Chris' tattoo represents his birth year, 1989, which is also the 'Year of The Snake,' according to Chinese zodiac.

But, buzz is surrounding this new tattoo, mainly the tail of the snake which is made of a red pyramid and eye known as the 'Eye of Providence' or the 'all-seeing eye' that is associated with "Illuminati."

Weeks before Chris added this new dragon ink, he got another odd tattoo of what he calls "an Indian chief transforming into a wolf" (pictured below).

Chris Brown
Chris Brown's neck tattoo
WTF! Do people even think of what these tattoo's will look like when they get older? Or does that not matter?