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Mindless Behavior Tweets an Apology for Lauryn Hill Diss

Presenters Mindless Behavior and Mike Epps (R) speak onstage during the 2012 BET Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on July 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

It's just like the new generation to "tweet" an apology (shaking my head)...

During Sunday night's BET Awards, boy band Mindless Behavior caught a lot of flack over a bad Lauryn Hill joke. They presented an award with comedian Mike Epps and at one point Mike started singing and one of the group members, Ray Ray, said: 

"You sing BAD ... like Lauryn Hill's tax accountant bad."

The bad joke was in reference to Lauryn's guilty plea for tax evasion, a crime she may face jail time for. 

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The next day, Mindless Behavior apologized via Twitter and said:

“We meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. We’re big fans and hope you’re not mad!”

Also, according to TMZ, Beyonce — who ended up winning the award for the category — was so upset, that she reworked her acceptance speech on the fly to include a shout-out to Lauryn Hill. 

“I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige,” Beyonce said.
When B walked off stage, there was a woman waiting for her — possibly a BET handler — and B began to vent about the insult, saying the Lauryn Hill diss was “disrespectful” and “not cool.”
The woman complimented Beyonce for adding Lauryn Hill’s name to her acceptance speech … to which Beyonce replied, “I just felt [the diss] was wrong.”