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Rapper Diamond Dishes on 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,' Her Ex Scrappy and Her Relationship with Soulja Boy

Diamond recently stopped by Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club morning show in New York where she addressed rumors that she left her ex-boyfriend Lil' Scrappy because he was broke. 

There has been a lot of mention of Diamond's name on Love & Hip Hop, mainly from Scrappy, his mom and his baby's mother who have all talked about Diamond leaving Scrappy and Diamond speaks on that!

She also talked about her decision to pull out of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, her new album and how her and Soulja Boy got together. Check out excerpts of the interview and watch below:

On whether or not the things Scrappy has said about her on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ has caused problems in her relationship with Soulja Boy:

[No]…because the truth is the truth. That’s why I don’t really entertain negativity and negative things. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at it. And I do have certain parts in my music where I do talk about the truth and I feel like when God presents the opportunity to open up more and really go into detail, I will. But for the most part, if i was a bad person or if i did anything wrong, I don’t see why my luck is so good right now and God is blessing me. I do right by him and anybody an everybody that knows me know that I’m a good person, I’m a very loyal person, so I’m not gonna say anything bad about them. I’m not just gonna stoop to that level. Not saying their below me but, I just don’t entertain negativity.

On whether or not she left Scrappy because he was “broke”:

If that’s the case, I wouldn’t have been with him for a long time ago. It wasn’t about that. It wasn’t about us being artists. When you’re in a relationship with somebody, you’re in a relationship with somebody. You’re in a relationship through good, bad, thick and thin. That’s just how I am.

On her decision to pull out of doing Love and Hip Hop:

See that’s the thing, I didn’t know who the cast were. Once I realized that I didn’t have control over the edits and certain things that happen… I can’t play with my life like that. I been done went to jail…somebody got hurt. No but seriously, I have polished up. I’m 24 now, I’ve been doing it for 10 years and all that foolery, I just don’t entertain it no more. I’m too busy and I got too much to lose.

On her and Soulja Boy possibly getting a reality TV show:

That has came up a lot…I’m still debating. It’s tricky. You still gotta have that mystique about you and being an artist already established, it depends on how its played out. You can’t play with your career like that. Now, if you’re a person that’s just coming up, you’re a fresh face, then you can build off of that, but if you’re an established artist, it has to be done in a certain light. Maybe you’re showing others how to come up in the rap game or something. I know it’s gonna be drama regardless but if its on a certain level, then yeah. You gon’ have real stuff. People gon’ argue. People gon’ fight. It is what it is. But if its not set up to where its b.s., and you just let it flow then yea and if the money right.

On Mama Dee’s comments about Diamond having bad body odor: 

I don’t recall having a problem in that department. We gon overlook that one. Certain stuff you just don’t entertain. I don’t never remember having a problem in that department, so. All i gotta say is, it’s gonna be a time when everybody will understand everything.

On Soulja Boy’s thoughts on the comments made by Mama Dee and Scrappy:

We’re both in good places as individuals. Its a small thing to a giant. I’m good. God knows me, He knows the story. he gon make sure I’m straight. I don’t let that bother me.

On how she and Soulja Boy got together:

We’ve been friends for a minute. He was on tour with Crime Mob back in the day when his song first came out. He’s always been a good friend. It’s hard in the industry. You meet alot of people who have motives that’s not genuine. It started off as a real genuine friendship and then him teaching me certain things, me learning certain things…I feel like in a relationship you gotta have that foundation as a friend. And I think that we just built off the friendship.

On what attracted her to Soulja Boy:

It was his whole energy, his spirit. I came from a place where I wasn’t really happy. And it was like “Wow. This is what life is about. Enjoying life and just letting go. It was just more about that and it was taking me to another place. It wasn’t about what he had because I got my own money. Been had my own money. So its not about that, it’s bigger than that. Anybody if i rocks with you on that level spiritually, it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you got. That’s the type of person I am. I’ma be loyal. I’ma be down for you. And he’s had my back through stuff. I’ve had his back through stuff and we rockin. Regardless of if the relationship don’t work out, we still gon be friends.

On Soulja Boy crying during the Whitney Houston tribute at the BET Awards:

I like dudes like that. Because you got dudes that act like they too hard to show emotion and I don’t like that. Don’t do that. Just be real. Don’t be no crybaby.

On how she deals with other girls coming on to Soulja Boy: 

I’m not saying I condone men doing their thing. I’m a realist. If you come to me and talk to me and be like ‘baby, I messed up’, and depending on what it is, then we can probably work it out.

On bringing another woman in the bedroom with she and Soulja Boy:

That’s not nothing that I’m interested in right now. Maybe when I get married.

On whether or not she and Soulja Boy will get married:

(laughs) You never know.

Source: via NecoleBitchie