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Rihanna Vacays in Italy on a Boat, Blows Off Tour Rehearsals

When Rihanna goes on vacation she makes sure everyone is watching...

Rihanna is off and away on vacation with some lady friends and she's sharing her vacation photos on Twitter and Instagram. The girls reportedly rented a boat in Sardinia, Italy earlier this week, a much needed vacation for Rihanna after spending last week in Barbados for her grandmother's funeral.

Rihanna is also reportedly blowing off tour rehearsals for the time away, and she's taken to her Twitter account to reveal just how little she cares. In a series of separate tweets, she hashtagged— #phuckyofeelings, #phuckyojob and #phuckyohatin.

"Feelin myself I don't even need a X pill," she tweeted along with "#BoatsandHoes"

This seems like a girls vaca but according to The Sun, Drake is along for this trip, read HERE incase you missed that.

Scroll through more of Rihanna's vaca photos below:

"Oh you're upset? I get it," Rihanna tweeted along with this photo
The view from the front of Rihanna's boat