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Watch: Jay-Z Interrupts Kanye West's Acceptance Speech During BET Awards

Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx presented the 'Video of the Year' at this year's BET Awards. The category included two videos from Beyonce, two from her hubby Jay-Z and Kanye and one with Usher. 

Jaime looked at Beyonce and Jay-Z in the front row and jokingly said, "Oh, it's gonna be an argument in the crib... whose the hottest in the house." 

But, Jay-Z won the battle and beat out Beyonce's videos. As Jay and Kanye were doing their 'thank you' speech and right when Kanye stepped to the mic to talk, Jay jokingly interrupted him and said, "Excuse me Kanye I'm gonna let you continue, but..." 

Jay was copying the infamous 2009 Video Music Awards incident when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift on stage. Watch below:

... Ha! I wonder if Taylor Swift heard about this yet.