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A Laid Off Employee Returns to His Old Job and Open Fires Infront of Empire State Building

We're not safe at movies anymore or even at work, gun violence can happen anywhere at any given time. Earlier today news broke that a disgruntled gunman who was laid off from his job last year, returned to his former job and opened fire.

The incident happened this morning, in front of the Empire State Building in New York. The 58-year-old shooter - who is now being identified as Jeffrey Johnson - killed a former co-worker of his, left the scene and was tracked down by cops who later shot and killed him.

According to news reports, Johnson was trailed by a construction worker, who alerted two NYPD officers. As they approached him, he pulled a gun from a black bag and shot at them before the officers returned fire, killing him.

Johnson had been fired last year from Hazan Imports, a women's designer accessories company at 10 W. 33rd St. He shot and killed Steve Ercolino, Hazan's 41-year-old vice president of sales.