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Bad Girls Club: Erika Fights Rima and Gets Kicked Out of the House. Time for a New Bad Girl!

Episode 5: "Pretty Girl Bounced"

This week picks back up with Erika talking crap about Rima being a single parent mom. Rima is tired of the bullying and gets pissed with Erika's comments. When she gets in Erika's face, Erika starts pounding on Rima. Security comes and breaks up the fight and everyone senses someone is going to go home.
Ashley starts crying, she can't believe the way Erika was hitting Rima. Ashley said the other girls are so horrible and she can't deal with sh*t like that.

The Bad Girls Producer pulls Erika to the side after the fight and says her punch to Rima's face was pretty brutal. He says Erika has to say her goodbye's and go home.

Christina said her friend has to go home because she got manipulated by Julie.

Erika said the only thing she regrets is the way she beat Rima up. She said if the beating was less severe than she would be allowed to stay in the house.
Rima is all smiles after the fight with Erika
"I'm extremely proud of myself... I stood my ground," Rima said.

"If I can step up to Erika, I can step up to any of you girls. I'm not going home, I'm staying here."

Last Weeks Recap: Rima Gets Bullied Into Leaving the House and She Fights to Stay

The other girls are in complete shock after Erika leaves. The plan to get Rima out of the house backfired. Rima is relieved that Erika is gone now because the other girls are quite and no one is messing with her anymore.

The girls say their goodbye's to Erika
 The other girls go out and said Rima is non-existant but Falen said she's done torturing Rima.

Ashley grows stronger and says she isn't scared of any of the other girls anymore.

"I'm growing balls now, I'm not gonna let anyone talk sh*t about me ever again," she said.

Later on, Falen takes the time out to talk to Rima because she see's that Rima is a nice person and she wants to try and understand her.

"I didn't realize the sh*t I was doing could hurt someone so bad. I do feel bad for all the sh*t I did and said," Falen said.

Mehgan wakes up in the middle of the night and hears Rima and Falen talking. She says Rima is not to be trusted.

The next mornng, the girls awaken to a surprise on the wall and see a picture of a replacement bad girl who will be joining them shortly.

The replacement is coming!
Mehgan sighs while looking at the new girls picture because she realizes the replacement is black. The other girls sum up the new chick and they think she looks ghetto.

"I kind of wish she was cuter because this cast is getting uglier by the day. This is sad," Mehgan comments

She tells Julie that Rima and Falen were up late talking and said they did a confessional together. Falen just wants Julie and Mehgan to be cordial with Rima because everyone is there to have a good time.

Julie says, "I honestly just want to grab Falen and shake her and say 'what the f*ck are you thinking!'"

Julie tells Falen she's concerned for her because she's her friend. Yeah right! They just don't want to lose another person in their clique.

Shortly after, the new girl makes her way to the house. Her name is Andrea and she models. Andrea says she modeled in a couple of magazines like King and she's a go-go dancer.

"For the most part I get along with girls until they see me, then they start to hate on me," she said.

After Andrea introduces herself to everyone in the house, some of the girls automatically aren't feeling her. Falen instantly doesn't like Andrea.

Julie thinks, "B*tch, get the eff outta my house."

Mehgan says, "Andrea looks like she's dirty and a little ghetto."

Christina thinks Andrea is so pretty and they instantly bond. Right away, all the girls decide to go out and party with the new girl.

Andrea picks up on the different vibes between the girls and tells Rima and Christina that she can tell the other girls (Mehgan, Julie and Falen) aren't feeling her.

Mehgan overhears Andrea on the phone talking to her boyfriend and telling him some of the girls are hating on her already.

Andrea instantly says her clique in the house is Christina, Rima and Ashley because they're fun and will be her buddies for sure.

Rima is having better days now since the new girl is in the house and Christina looks like she switched sides. While they're out, Mehgan, Julie and Falen stay back at the house and look up Andrea online while talking crap about her pictures.

As soon as the other clique gets home, Julie, Falen and Mehgan start talking about Andrea out loud. Ashley calls them out on giving the new girl a hard time and calls them evil. Ashley prefers if these girls just don't talk to her anymore.

Later, the bad girls get a surprise box that reveals they're going on a trip to La Paz.

While on vacation, Julie starts to see a new side to Falen when Falen tells Mehgan to "shut the f*ck up" infront of Rima and says Mehgan is annoying. Julie feels like Rima is bringing out another side to Falen znd she doesn't like it.

On the first night in La Paz, the girls go out and party. Falen joins in on the fun while Julie and Mehgan stay behind in their room.

When the girls return home from partying, Christina falls asleep upstairs by herself. She wakes up alone and realizes no one is in the room with her and she spazzes out. She runs downstairs and starts threatening Andrea. 

Christina got paranoid when she woke up by herself and heard the other girls laughing so she thought they were plotting to scare her.

Christina starts yelling out of control and things escalate between her and Ashley. While Christina is yelling at Andrea, Ashley butts in and tells Christina she is so wrong and out of line.
Christina gets in Ashley's face and yells, "shut the f*ck up and mind your f*cking business b*tch."

Andrea is in the corner cracking up but things don't get funny when Ashley and Christina's fight turns physical. When Christina calls Ashley a fat troll, Ashley gets in Christina's face and defends herself. Christina swings at her and Ashley swings back, she's done with people cracking on her.

"At this point I lost respect for Christina... she looks pathetic," Rima said.

Is Christina crazy for real?
Andrea is surprised that Ashley and Christina fought, she thought everyone was cool. Now she realizes she can't trust anyone in the house.

Christina quickly peaces things up with Andrea and Ashley after they all talk it out.

The next day, Christina says her temper is to the extreme and she wants to work on controlling it.

Towards the end of the vacation, the girls go swimming with the dolphins. Afterwards, they all get invited to ride on a float during one of La Paz's carnivals.

"It's really cool to enjoy something with everyone even though we all don't get along," Julie says.

Andrea talks to Christina about her temper and lets her know not everyone is going to agree on things. She learns to appreciate Andrea and the person she is.

Vacation is now over and the girls head back home. During the car ride back, Julie, Falen and Mehgan drive home in a seperate car and they talk to Falen about hanging out with Rima. Rima and Falen's relationship is really getting to Mehgan and Julie. Falen tells them she is not going to cut Rima off just because her friends don't like her.

When everyone returns home, Ashley opens up to Julie and Mehgan about her past destructive relationship and anorexia. Julie bonds with Ashley after her story and says she respects her even more now.

Christina feels bad that she punched Ashley and says the minute she feels any type of disrespect she snaps.

Falen and Rima have a discussion about Christina and say she's been paranoid and crazy since the beginning. Falen says Christina doesn't have any friends in the house so she just needs to go home. Rima is also done with Christina since she hit her friend.

Bad Girls Club will return in two weeks and it looks like Rima and Christina will come to blows! Who will be the next girl to go home? Stay tuned!