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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Apologizes for Punching Stevie J and Mimi Attacks!

This show is a hot mess, but I just keep on watching!

So in this past Monday's episode, Stevie J thought it would be a good idea to have his main chick/ baby mama Mimi Faust and his side chick Joseline Hernandez hash things out in a therapy session.

Things quickly turned when Joseline found out that Stevie was still living with Mimi and she punched him!

Joseline was ready to keep going in on Stevie until security jumped in. The funny thing is Mimi sat back, watched and laughed (she should have punched his a** too!)

Well, Stevie and Joseline are now rumored to be engaged (oh lawd!) and I guess since they're good now, Joseline showed her love to "her man" by apologizing to him on Twitter:

"I luv u @hitmanstevieJ sorry for putting my lil paws on u. Lol luv u daddy!" she tweeted the other day.

I think the whole therapy thing is b.s. Stevie was just doing it to calm Mimi down but he's still going to play her.

**shaking my head!**

In other Love & Hip Hop Atlanta news, Mimi attacked Stevie J outside of a Hollywood night club this week after he made a comment that included Joseline, according to reports.

According to, reporters outside the club spoke with the couple, while one reporter asked Stevie who he thinks would win a fight between a “Basketball Wife,” referring to another of VH1’s popular reality shows, or a rapper wife.

Stevie answered by saying, “Mimi and Joseline,” causing Mimi to react violently and hit Stevie.

“Sock him again,” yelled one reporter during the attack.

After the assault, Stevie turned to reporters and changed his response to “Mimi would win.”

Ha! Stevie had that coming, good for him!

If you missed all the drama, watch the last episode below: