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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: K. Michelle and Rasheeda Beef and is Joseline Really a Man?

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And the drama comes to an end in part I of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special.  Guest DJ, Funk Flex was right on point when he said this show is the "most off the hook reality show." It was a very entertaining reunion show indeed. 

The reunion was hosted by the show's executive producer Mona Scott-Young. She sat down with the entire cast to dicsuss the season drama and she also answered the popular viewer questions. 

Joseline, the most talkative throughout the reunion show, quickly got things started by standing up and letting everyone know she's "the baddest b*tch."

Mona addressed how Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got blasted by some as showing a negative portrayal of African American women and their relationships. Mimi spoke out and said her relationship with Stevie J had nothing to do with the show. That was her life and it was just being televised. 

K. Michelle's Beef with Karlie and Rasheeda

Karlie and K. Michelle carried their show beef to the reunion and kept going back and forth. K. Michelle joked about Karlie's age and said that she marched with Martin Luther King back in the sixties.

K. Michelle also spoke about Rasheeda questioning whether her past abusive relationship was real or not. She hasn't gotten along with Rasheeda ever since Rasheeda questioned the truth behind her story. 

K. Michelle has said her career was ruined for three years and she had scars on her legs from carpet burns from her ex beating her a**. She said for three years she's been helping women who go through domestic violence. 

K. Michelle's abusive ex is allegedly rapper Memphitz who is now married to Lil' Wayne's ex Toya Carter, who is also friends with Rasheeda.

Rasheeda explained that she has heard both sides of the story (she never mentioned names of the other side) and said point blank, she doesn't believe K. Michelle.

Both of them got into a heated exchange, especially when K. Michelle told Rasheeda she watched her disrespect her husband, who was sitting in the audience.

Rasheeda told K. Michelle, "Do something with your nappy a** hair, you bi-polar, in secure a** b*tch," 

Then, she jumped up to approach K. Michelle. But, no fights at this reunion show. Every time someone stood up, security was right there to sit them down.

"Does anybody else believe this dumb a** hoe?," Rasheeda said out to the audience as she was being taken away by security.

Stevie J & Joseline against Scrappy & Erica

Mona discussed the altercation between Erica, Scrappy, Joseline and Stevie J. Mona cleared up the rumors and let viewers know the fight was edited down to minimize the violence shown on the network.

What did Scrappy have to say about that? 

He simply said, "I put them paws on him cuz."

But Joseline and Erica had unfinished business and they argued while Erica dared Joseline to raise up.

"Get that b*tch before I whoop that a** again," Joseline yelled out to security.

There were also rumors that Stevie J had to go to the hospital after the fight. Stevie J was supposed to explain his side but as he was about to, he went on to say he knocked Scrappy down in the bushes but Scrappy said everyone fell in the bushes, including security.

Momma Dee took the stage to speak about her son. She said she felt like her throne was being violated, that's why she encouraged her son to "put paws" on Stevie. Momma Dee said, she had to maintain some type of dignity, respect and control. 

Scrappy made it known he would take on Stevie again ...anytime, any place.
Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline's Love Triangle

Stevie said he doesn't like to see Mimi hurt and said he loves Mimi and they're working on their love. Mona asked Stevie why hasn't he married Mimi after 12 years. Stevie said he feels like he was never the marrying type with all of his antics.

Mimi explained that her and Stevie's relationship has been on and off and every time they get back together it's like they start all over again.

Joseline made it clear that she only takes Stevie's d*ck and money and that's it. She then went on to say she respects Mimi and loves her just because she loves Stevie.

Mona spoke out about people looking at Mimi as a victim and being weak.

Mimi said to anyone judging her out there, "Never been a victim, never have, never will. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed about anything. This is my life. Ya'll got your opinions, you're entitled to it, but this is what I'm going through. Don't f*cking judge me."

She had a message for sh*t talkers on Twitter who thought she was using Stevie for his money and said she has her own money and owns her own business,

When Mona asked Joseline if Stevie is her soul mate, Joseline said Stevie is crazy and she's down to do whatever he wants to do. 

Mona told Stevie he came off like a jerk when Joseline revealed to him that she was pregnant. Stevie admitted he was a jerk and said if he could, he would change how he would have came at Joseline. He also admitted that he believed Joseline's baby was his.

Mimi said her and Stevie are currently not together but did say he is the father of her child... meaning he has to still be in her life in some way. Mona asked Stevie if he'll ever let Mimi go and let her move on and he said no!

Mona ended the show with a question and asked Stevie if him and Joseline are now dating. But, we'll have to wait until next Monday on Part II of the reunion for that answer and more.

Some viewer questions:

  • How old is Carly?

Carly still didn't reveal her age!

  • Is Joseline a man?

Mona went on to explain when Joseline found out she was pregnant, she was the first to know the results of the pregnancy test and she said Joseline was fully naked in front of her revealing her private area. Mona confirmed that Joseline did in fact pee on the stick and she is all woman.

Joseline went off on a rant about her body and being a woman:

"I love my body, I love how I look and every b*tch I know that ever see me wish they look like me..."

Erica was quick to say she thought Joseline wasn't all woman. Joseline put Scrappy on blast and told Erica her man knows she's all woman because she used to dance for her. Ooh's and aah's filled the audience crowd then Joseline explained her stripping days, her past fake name and how she went to jail 20 times.

  • Did Lil' Scrappy's probation officer contact him after the fight aired?

Scrappy just answered, "she probably gonna call now."

  • Did Stevie force Joseline to terminate the pregnancy?

Stevie said no, he was just making a suggesting. Joseline said she wasn't gonna have a baby with someone who has five kids. 

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