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Andrea, The Replacement Chick on Bad Girls Club Season 9, Discusses Reunion Details

Andrea opens up to Bossip about the BGC9 reunion
Andrea Jones recently sat down with Bossip and discussed some details of the Bad Girls Club reunion coming up.

Remember, Andrea left the house by choice after Julie, Falen, Rima and Ashley kept torturing her final days in the house.

She talked about her fight with Julie on the show and said Julie may have ran the house but she didn't run her. Andrea also told viewers they won't be disappointed with the reunion:

"But I won't disappoint people later on when you guys get to the reunion you will be satisfied with what you see. Julie and Falen definitely are victims of karma at the reunion," Andrea said.

"The people that you expect to do something are going to and the people who you expect to look like punks will look like punks," she said.

Oooh sounds like big bad Julie will finally get hers! She stirred up a lot of trouble this season, Falen followed her and Rima sent a couple of the girls home. I can't wait for the reunion!

What are the Bad Girls doing together since the show ended? Click HERE to watch Andrea.

She also discusses racism on BGC9, how Falen is a punk, and how production stirs up drama. Click HERE to watch the whole video.

I stopped blogging about Bad Girls Club and providing my recaps just because it got a little boring. But, Monday, Oct. 15th is the finale and things are sure to heat up when all the girls who got kicked out or who left return for one final bang! 


  1. I liked Andrea, and I think I’m one of the few people who do. She seemed very real, and was not trying to fit in with the pack. So many girls have been kicked off this show, and others brought in it is difficult to keep track. I can’t wait for the reunion it sounds like more drama is on the way. Unfortunately, I will miss the reunion when it airs because of my work schedule at DISH. My Hopper is already set to record the reunion when it airs, and since there is so much DVR recording space I’m adding some of my other favorite reality shows.


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