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Bad Girls Club Reunion: Andrea is Ready to Step Up to the Girls Who Jumped Her, Julie Has a Big Target on Her Back

Bad Girls Club Season 9 Reunion - Part I Recap

Trash talking among the cliques before the reunion starts...

Tonight was the first part of a three-part BGC reunion and it started off with a different twist. Before the actual reunion takes place with host and mother Bad Girl Tanisha - which didn't start until 40 minutes into the show - all the girls meet up in Los Angeles. We see them checking into their hotel rooms and reuniting.

*** Season 10 of BGC takes place in Atlanta! More to come on that in a future post.

Julie and Falen meet up together in L.A. and have been keeping in contact with each other after the show ended. 

After their love fest towards the end of the season, they both decided they're both better off as friends now.

"I truly dare anyone to step up to me because I'm ready to slap a b*tch," Julie says.

"They are just mad because they got kicked out and they're salty and feel like they have something to prove," she says to Falen.

Rima and Ashley meet up together and are still buddy, buddy. Rima is back with her boyfriend whom we saw her call and yell at from time-to-time in the house.

Christina says no one scares her. She meets up with Andrea poolside and lets it be known that Julie, Rima and Falen will be getting it and said Ashley is a "non-factor." 

Andrea can't wait to seek her revenge and says she has beef with Mehgan now.

"Mehgan you are a jealous, hater b*tch," she says.

Andrea obviously realized after the show that when she first arrived to the Bad Girls Club house, Mehgan was talking a lot of stuff behind her back and now she's not too pleased about it.

"All you punk a** b*tches who wanted to jump me, lets see how you handle yourselves when everyone is in the building," Andrea says.

BGC Season 9 Finale Recap: All of the Kicked Out Bad Girls Return and Seek Revenge

Erika meets up with Mehgan and tells her she feels like she was portrayed as a monster on the show. Mehgan says she was portrayed as a b*tch and doesn't care. She also says Andrea is annoying and she plans to slap Andrea with her weave on for talking crap about her on Twitter. 

Erika says she's only feeling Mehgan and Christina out of all the girls and says anyone else can get it. Her biggest beef is with Julie and she thinks Julie was the most fake in the house. 

As you may remember, Julie is the reason Erika and Rima started beefing which eventually led to the fight that got Erika kicked out of the house.

But Julie says, "Erika you only have yourself to be mad at because you allowed me to manipulate you."

The newbies Zuly and Natasha meet up. Zuly asks Natasha if there is anyone she isn't feeling and Natasha mentions Julie name.

"This isn't the sad girls club, this is the bad girls club. You are about to see the wrath of Tasha," she said.

Zuly has a problem with Falen and wants to address the hook up night. After watching the episode, Zuly realized Falen talked a lot crap about her and said there will be an exchange of words between them at the reunion.

Ashley and Rima re-connect with Falen and Julie and they all discuss who they have a problem with: all the girls who got kicked out of the house. Julie knows Erika is after her and said she will be ready because she's not scared.

Ashley feels like she is going to get slapped around on the reunion and she has beef with Mehgan after the last episode when Mehgan stepped to her and smacked her.

"This reunion is gonna be a horror show," Julie says.

Later on, Falen and Julie decide to fill in Ashley and Rima on their show hookup. They want to tell them before it comes out on the reunion so there are no surprises within their clique. Rima screams out that she knew something was going on between the two and said Julie and Falen had sex next to her bed one night. 

Rima's reaction after finding out Falen and Julie had sex
Ashley needed a demonstration on how two chicks get it in because she didn't get it. Julie said it was really weird because they didn't expect it to happen and they further explain their romantic relationship which surprises Rima and Ashley.

Erika teaches Mehgan the 'I don't understand' dance that she did in Rima's face in the house. Erika plans on dancing in the other girls faces at the reunion.

Mehgan also plans on throwing cranberry juice all over Rima before they leave the reunion, her payback from when Rima did it to her in the house.

They both meet up with Christina. Christina lets them know that she had Twitter beef with Rima after the show. She doesn't understand why Rima got mad at her for hiding her wallet underneath the bed when a bunch of other girls did worse, like threw her clothes outside in the pool.

Erika says Rima only had a dollar in her wallet anyway and she jokes about what Rima can buy with a dollar.. a bag of chips?

"No, she needs to buy a box of condoms," Mehgan blurts out.

"We're gonna go in there and we're just gonna be beatin' a**... cheers to the girls who know how to fight," Erika says to her crew, Mehgan and Christina. 

"I'm ready to 'pretty girl bounce' on a b*tch."

They cheers to that!

30 minutes to the reunion...

Mehgan has her cranberry juice ready for Rima
In three different dressing rooms: Mehgan, Erika and Christina get ready and prepare to whoop a**, while Julie, Rima, Falen and Ashley are in another room talking crap. Oh, and Ashley is getting ready for the reunion by herself in her own room.

Now, it's reunion time!

Tanisha welcomes everyone and says, "you know these b*tches are about to pop off today!"

The four originals: Julie, Falen, Ashley and Rima make their way to the stage along with Zuly and Natasha who also made it to the end in the bad girls house. Tanisha notices Julie weight loss right away. Julie says she lost 30 pounds:

"I stopped taking birth control, I was chain smoking and I started to melt it off... it just kind of happened," Julie says about her weight loss.

The original four talked about how good it felt to make it all the way to the end of the Bad Girls Club journey. Tanisha gave props to Zuly and Natasha for making it as well being replacement chicks. 

Natasha talks about not feeling the love in the house when she first walked in and the instant beef with Julie. She says they're cool even though Julie is a b*tch.

Tanisha points out that Zuly stayed out a lot of the drama and she asked Zuly what makes her a bad girl?

"If I gotta beat a b*tch up, I will," Zuly answers.

Tanisha tells Falen that while watching the show, Falen got on her nerves. But, her feelings changed when she saw Falen being nice to Rima when everyone else was mean to her... that is being an individual, Tanisha says.

"That is the definition of a 'bad girl'!"

Tanisha asks Rima what made her become friends with Julie after Julie tormented her in the beginning. 

"I have a big heart," Rima explains. 

Rima says she chose to be the bigger person. She says she's happy Julie did what she did because the tormenting acts completely changed the type of person she has become.

Rima said if it wasn't for Ashley, she probably would have left. Tanisha tells Ashley she is a great friend to Rima and says Ashley was her favorite bad girl on this season because she wasn't afraid to be her silly self.

Time to shake things up a bit. 

Next out on stage is Andrea! "Haters in the house, speak on it," Tanisha says.

Andrea comes strutting out and switching her hips in black tight pants, high heels and a gold glitter bra top. Tanisha says she was pretty surprised that everyone in the house turned on Andrea.

Andrea Discusses Reunion Details, Says Julie and Falen Get Their Karma

Andrea points out that they all jumped her. "It is what it is, I don't care," she says about the situation.

Andrea looks at Rima and tells her not to look at her like she wants to pop off.

Ashley says she turned on Andrea because she was irritated at how she came at Rima and she was mad when Andrea called her fat.

Ashley and Andrea start arguing back and forth and Ashley screams out, "lick my toes." 

Ummm... weird comeback. Lol.

Ashley blurts out, "I rather lick the floor than your toes."

Andrea yells back, "I rather lick the floor than your dirty a** pu**y b*tch."

Ooh's and aah's come from the girls and the audience.

Ashley ties her weave up and stands up, ready to fight Ashley. But, we have to wait until next Monday to see what happens next.

Part 2 of the reunion takes place next Monday (Oct. 29) at 10 p.m. Check back in for my next recap! 

The fighting pops off next week when Mehgan, Erika and Christina make their way to the stage.


  1. There are so many fights on the “Bad Girls Club,” I’ve forgotten why these girls have issues with each other to begin with. I do like Ashley; she seems like a sweet girl, but gets caught in the drama every time. I missed the first part of the reunion because of my new work schedule at DISH. I have a new Hopper, and recorded part one of the reunion, and with all the DVR recording space available I will record the final parts of the reunion when they air. From the previews it looks like a lot of food items and drinks are being thrown; I guess the producers didn’t have a problem with that since it must add to the drama of the show.


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