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Jersey Shore Season 6 Premiere Recap (Spoilers)


Over the weekend I got a peek at the first hour-long episode of the new season of Jersey Shore that will premiere tomorrow, and I feel like I wasted my time. On the other hand, I've been watching this show since the first season and since this is the very last season (finally) I feel like I just have to watch it. Read below for a recap of the first episode.

*** The final season, Jersey Shore Season 6, will air on MTV tomorrow beginning Oct. 4.

The roomies are back at the shore house, but of course things have changed. For one, Snooki is pregnant this season! But before I get into talking about her, lets recap from the beginning. 

Mike (The Situation) is the first one to arrive at the shore house and it seems like we're getting a whole new Mike this season. 

He opens up about his past addiction problems and reveals details to his roommates. Mike says he knew he had a problem, he was so exhausted, tired and always wanted to go to sleep. So he checked into rehab and went away for 34 days. He's been sober and off prescription pills for months now. 

"Rehab is the most unbearable, unpleasant experience you can possibly go through, but I'm the cleanest and healithiest I've ever been since like 21 or so...," he says.

Good for you Mike!

Mike also cooks everyone their first meal as an apology for the way he's acted in the past. JWoww is a little skeptical of the food and jokes that Mike probably put something in it. 

"Mike is preparing dinner, maybe he put some laxative in our food or something," JWoww says. "It's really weird seeing Mike be so nice right now."

She says, "Now that he's clean, hopefully they'll be no drama."

But Snooki isn't buying Mike's apology. 

She said, "I'm not excited to see Mike, I don't want to be his friend."

Even though Snooki is now engaged to Jionni - after all of the mess they've been through - she still isn't over the fact that Mike blew up her spot back in Italy on season 4. It was obvious Snooki was still holding her grudge since Mike was the only roommate not invited over to Snooki and JWoww's house in Jersey City while they filmed their spin-off show,  Snooki & JWoww, when Snooki revealed her pregnancy news to the roomies. 

"It's nice for him [Mike] to say 'I f*cked up, I'm sorry' but I don't think we can ever have that bond again," Snooki said. "I could forgive Mike but I could never forgot it."

I still believe Snooki and Mike slept together, regardless of what she says, she's hiding something.

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Ronnie and Sam are back together! This could be good and bad. Good because we need some drama to watch this season, but bad because it's getting old. 

"Me and Ron keep coming back to each other," Sammi said.

No. Sammi keeps taking Ronnie back after she swears she's done with him.

"I finally got my own room with Sam, now we can fight in peace," Ronnie says.

Just when you think these two kissed and made up, Ronnie gets drunk when the roomies go to their favortie Jersey club Karma and things turn left. He starts yelling at Sammi in the club, calling her all type of names and the old Ron and Sam are back. I'm sure there will be more arguments to come. 

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Sorry to all the Snooki fans, but she looks like she's going to be boring this season. 

Being pregnant restricts the fun Snooki -  that we're used to watching - from coming out. While filming this season, Snooki was in her 6-month of pregnancy. So no drinking, partying, smoking or tanning for this new mommy. But on a positive note, I'm happy she was forced to grow up, even it if makes for boring TV.

Now, all Snooki says is, "I'm pregnant!." She hangs out with Jionni while the roomies party at Karma and as they're hanging out, she wishes she was able to party too. 

Snooki soon realizes, living in the shore house isn't a place where a pregnant mom should be. (A lightbulb just went off!)

Snooki talks to the roomies boss, Danny, owner of the Jersey Shore t-shirt shop (yes, they're working there again) and she requests living outside of the house and in her own space. 

Snooki then breaks the news to her roommates at the end of the episode and tells them she's moving out. Don't worry, she's still going to be on the show and by the house, in fact right around the corner from everyone.

"I remember when Snooki said 'the party's here!' now it's like 'the baby's here!,' Pauly jokes.

The bromance is back  between Pauly and Vinny. Mike also wants in again and tells his boys he wants M.V.P [Mike, Vinny, Pauly] to reunite. So the three of them share a room this time. 

These are the only three who are single in the house, so I'm sure there will be a lot of smushing going on in that room.

Remember Vinny had to leave the house briefly last season and deal with anxiety issues? 

Well, this season he says he got his mind in check. Vinny also had a few words about Snooki being pregnant:

"If Nicole and Jionni don't work out, maybe I'll step in for her, I'll take his baby" Vinny says. "He's [Jionni] not gonna be a good dad."

JWoww is still dating Roger (they recently got engaged, read more on that HERE) and has moved in with him since her spin-off show ended with Snooki. Snooki and Jionni are now engaged, I already said Ron and Sam are back together for the umpteenth time and... now Deena even has a boyfriend!

I always found Deena a little bit annoying ever since she joined the cast as the Angelina replacement. I first looked at her as a Snooki #2 and now she irks me even more in the premiere episode.

Besides losing weight, Deena has also lost herself. She's so attached and dependent on this new boyfriend whose name is Chris and all she does is cry! Deena says she's never had a real boyfriend before and says she's finally happy. Her and Chris have been dating for 9 months while the show was filming.

The guy can visit the shore house anytime and Deena cries just because she misses him. He even hangs out with Deena and she cries in front of him. Vinny asks, "What is you problem!?" and he tries to talk some sense into her. 

Deena's drunken foolishness gets her arrested
Deena is also sad that her partner in crime (Snooki) can't party and drink with her. Later on in the season, we see Deena pull a Snooki when she drunkenly stumbles around the boardwalk and then gets arrested.

What I got from the first episode is that most of the roomies have changed and for the better.

JWoww even said, "We are maturing and growing up a bit. Better to start now then never."

I guess MTV wanted to give Jersey Shore its proper send-off hence granted this show a sixth season. But I'm so over it. Nothing really exciting seems to happen. I'm happy Mike is clean and congratulations to Snooki on her pregnancy.

I think Snooki should get her own spin-off show along with Jionni which would show them both as new parents raising their newborn. I rather watch a show like that then watch the same crap happening on Jersey Shore

I also kinda wish Angelina made an appearance this season, that would really shake things up a bit.

Weigh in on your thoughts below!