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Bad Girls Club: Erika and Julie Come to Blows and Mehgan is Not Playing Games, She Throws Down!

Bad Girls Club Season 9 Reunion - Part III Recap

It's the Erika and Julie showdown!
Below: Erika hops on top of Julie and throws punch after punch

Hey, Hey, Hey Bad Girl Fans! 

Last Monday, hurricane Sandy swept over New Jersey and I was without power for five days so I couldn't recap part 2. But now I'm back to wrap up one of thee craziest Bad Girls Club seasons and the BEST reunion.

***Check out tonight's final recap below:

This week picks back up with Erika going H.A.M on Julie! Karma is definitely a b*tch and Julie and Falen got theirs on this reunion! 

Erika came out at the end of Part 2 and went right at Julie who looked so scared, she had every right to be. 

First, Erika apologizes to Rima for busting her in the back of her head when they fought in the house, then Erika turned her anger on Julie.

"Get the f*ck up Julie since you wanna be the baddest b*tch in the house," Erika says to her.

Erika jumped up on the couch and Julie's head was in between Erika's legs the whole time she was she getting punched. She didn't even bother to push Erika off of her! 

Julie manipulated a lot of people in the house and was the reason Erika turned on Rima which eventually led to her getting kicked out.

Well, like Tanisha said, if you talk all the sh*t Julie, you gotta be ready to back it up.

Tanisha then moved on to a sex topic and addressed Julie and Falen's down low sexual hookup. All the girls watched the tape of them having sex in the house.

Julie says she's bisexual and it wasn't a weird thing to her, hooking up with Falen. She admitted that her and Falen, "got down with the get down."

Zuly said she was a little disappointed because she was trying to get Julie into bed. "It is what it is," she said.

Falen said she felt a little weird in the beginning because she never felt that way towards a girl before.

They both say they haven't hooked up since being in the house together and they would be open to doing a threesome.

Zuly got a lot of action from the girls while in the house. She said she's known for turning girls out. Zuly made out with Rima, Falen, Julie and Ashley on her first night in the house. 

Zuly said she's been with a man before but "it wasn't her cup of tea." She said her first sexual experience was with a girl at 8-years-old. Christina made a face to that.

Mehgan and Erika sat on the side making confused and "eww" faces.

Tanisha asked Zuly who was the better kisser: Rima or Falen? Zuly needs a reminder and kisses both of them.

Erika and Julie get back into it again when Erika starts talking about being kicked out the house.

Erika explains that since day one Julie and Christina had it out but Christina was also Erika's girl. Erika would tell Julie don't come at her talking crap about Christina in front of her.

"So the fact that you would try to get me out the house? Why? I was the realest b*tch in the house...," Erika says to Julie. "All ya'll b*tches were fake."

Erika also revealed that it was Julie who told them to bring up Rima's kid to piss her off. Julie tries to defend her scheming ways but she continues to get called out for all the plotting she did this season.

"Log off b*tch you're done," Erika says to her. "Goodnight b*tch, go to sleep, you're a tired ho."

Mehgan then addressed Rima's flip-flopping ways. But Rima says she was acting that way because she felt like Mehgan wasn't being genuine to her. Rima says she never really hated Mehgan she just felt like she was talking sh*t behind her back.

Mehgan tells Rima if she would have given her a chance then maybe they could have been cool. She actually apologizes for the way she treated Rima in the house.

Tanisha says you can see Rima's heart throughout the show and Rima starts tearing up.

"Noone will ever understand this experience like we do, never, ever!" Tanisha says.

Rima says she feel like the whole time she was on that show she was being judged before the girls got to know her.

"Whatever issues I had with Mehgan was months ago and I forgot about them...," she says.

Mehgan said the b*tch she didn't like in the beginning is the one she didn't like at the end and that was obviously Julie.

Mehgan says Falen stole some of her expensive items like her purse and perfume. Julie says Mehgan left her expensive David Yurman bracelet so she gave it to a homeless person.


"I just feel like someone who has to steal something from someone is broke," Mehgan says about Falen.

Tanisa says to Julie, "I'm a little annoyed with you because you popped mad sh*t in the house and you're mad quiet here!"

Julie says she grew up (HA!) and she's not like that anymore. Erika says Julie has no one to hide behind now because all her enemies are confronting her. 

Julie doesn't want it.

Mehgan stands up with her cranberry juice and red bandanna on her head and says she brought the cranberry juice for Rima. Rima has an uneasy look on her face. 

But, since Rima and Mehgan peaced up their beef, Mehgan decides to pour the juice all over Julie and Falen instead! She also warned Tanisha to move out the way if she didn't want to get wet. Tanisha jetted from her seat. 

Julie got up and tried to fight Mehgan, only to slip and slide over the juice and Mehgan slammed her down and then punched her. Julie didn't even have a chance to recover because Andrea grabbed mustard and squirted it all over her, knocked her down and got her revenge too.

"Where is the hot dogs when you need them!" Tanisha says providing comical relief.

Erika does her "I Don't Understand" dance by Julie who is sliding around on the floor, Christina is cracking up and security is slipping all over the place trying to break Julie and Andrea up.

"Hot mess express," Christina says.

Julie sat there and told Tanisha she's good after the cranberry juice and mustard shower.

"Everyone good?" Tanisha asks again.

"I dunno, I really want to punch Julie again," Erika says.

Some randomness happens when two male strippers come out and start stripping on stage for Julie's birthday and they bring her a cake. Mehgan walks off stage because her finger nail was bleeding from punching Julie.

Well, this season wasn't all about being loud and crazy, true friendships actually formed out of the house.

Tanisha asks all of the girls if they would do the Bad Girls Club all over again knowing what they know now:

"I don't mind beating up a few b*tches..," Erika says.

Julie says, "I would do it all again 100% and I would not change anything I did..."

"... You got beat up, shut the f*ck up," Erika says to Julie.

Tanisha jokingly says towards the end, "I want to have a moment of silence for all the weaves, all the juice and all the blood spilled." 

She then adds, "... And lord, let the a** whoopin' Julie got today, guide her and teach her that when you talk that sh*t you gotta be ready to back it up..." 


Before they go, Erika has something to say. Uh oh...

But, Erika has a change of heart and tells Rima she didn't talk about her kid and she gives Rima a hug.

Then Andrea hugs blondie.

Awww the love.

And, Christina hugs Tanisha because she still doesn't like Ashley, Rima, Falen or Julie.


Well, that does it! Until season 10 in Atlanta. And just for sh*ts and giggles, I posted Erika's "I Don't Understand" and "Right here huntie" dances below, this cracks me up every time! (But what is huntie?)