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Breaking News: Barack Obama Wins Election for Second Term!

A sigh of relief and the crowds cheer...

President Barack Obama just defeated Gov. Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election and he won himself a second term Tuesday (Nov. 6). Networks project that Obama beat Romney after he won over the crucial state of Ohio. 

 Now, Obama heads back to office facing what will most likely be bitterly partisan negotiations over whether the Bush tax cuts should expire, according to news reports. The House will still be majority Republican, with Democrats maintaining their majority in the Senate.

Congrats to the whole Obama team!

Election Results as of 11:38 pm:

Candidate Popular vote Percentage Electoral votes (270 to win)
Mitt Romney 43793536 49% 200
Barack Obama 43470796 49% 265
Control of House
218 Balance of power
Control of Senate
50 Balance of power