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Jean Flip-Flops... Eww! (Photo)

... And I thought Kanye West's beaded heals were ugly.

I'm not the biggest fashionista, but I am not feeling these jean flip-floppy things above. 

Jean Sandal Boots, according to Yahoo Shine, are sandals that are made from vintage blue jeans by Israeli Etsy designer DaniKshoes, and they're one-of-a-kind and they have four useable pockets. On its website, DaniKShoes says the Jean Sandal Boot is "fun that never goes unnoticed!" 

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And get this... they cost $140 each! WTH!

Some may call these shoes unique or crafty but I believe jeans should stay on legs and that's it. Jean jackets are even played out and now we have jean flip-flops!?

What do you think? Are these Jean Sandal Boots Hot or Not?

I'm gonna go with NOT.


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