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Are You a Cheater? You May Be on the Cheaterville Website

My coworker came across this website called "Cheaterville" and I just had to blog about it. This is a website where you can post a known cheater or you can search for a person who you suspect is cheating.
"Don't Be the Last to Know™ - If you've been Cheated on, or know someone who has, visit us to report on, find out about, and denounce the misdeeds of Cheaters." - @CheaterVille
There are tabs such as "Cheatertainment," "Cheater Poll," and "Cheater Map" which includes photos, descriptions and popular cities of cheaters! This is a site for "blowing up spots," as some would say and where you come to, to expose that woman or man cheating on their husband/wife.
The site is not only about exposing cheaters but there are also inspirational quotes and some fun aspects to this... like the "Fun" tab which has games like "Whack A Cheat" and "Cheater Shuffle" that include big time cheating celebs like Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The "Spy Shop" is decked out with cell phone surveillances, hidden cameras and items such as an alarm clock hidden camera and a GPS tracker.
I believe if there are people who are searching for their spouses/girlfriend/boyfriend's name on this and going through all of that trouble to catch them, then they shouldn't be with them in the first place.
Do you know someone who is living foul? Would you blow up their spot and post their picture and story on a website like this?
I searched my name for the hell of it... no I'm not on there! ... Lol.