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Celeb Rumors: Is Eve Preggies?

Gumball+3000+Rally+Launch+Party+Arrivals+A1ozY2wc1Bvm Report: Rapper Eve Pregnant with First Child
Eve and her boo
There are gossip rumors swirling around that Eve and her boyfriend Maximillion Cooper are expecting a baby!

One of the rapper's friends reportedly told that Eve is pregnant. The source said that Eve is "a little more than three months along."

If the rumor is true, then this would be Eve's first baby and this would be the fifth child for Max, according to reports.

This baby news comes after Eve's recent interview with Hot 97 where she opened up about her interracial relationship of three years with the British millionaire. Eve is still getting adjusted to dating a White man, but she is very happy with Max.

Neither Eve nor Max have commented on the rumor at this time, but if the rumor is true ... congrats to the couple!!!