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New Music: Tamar Braxton "Love and War"... Hot or Not?

Screen shot 2012 12 06 at 12.24.29 AM New Song:  Tamar Braxton   Love & War  (A Must Hear!)
Lil' miss extra - Tamar Braxton, star of "Braxton Family Values" and "Tamar and Vince," made her splash in the music industry with her newest single entitled "Love and War." The single made its debut on radio stations this morning and I must admit... I like the song and she sounds - of course - just like her older sister Toni.

The song has already hit No. 2 on the iTunes Top Singles chart. Listen below for yourself:

What do you think? Hot or not?

I'ma go with hot. She has a great voice.


  1. She sort of sounds like Toni. Sucks to sound like your sister lol. It is different enough to where I don't think it's Toni though luckily.

    1. Yup! She does sound like her sister. They played it on 105.1 on the top of the hour, every hour on one show when the song first came out. So I kept hearing it over and over again because I was tuned in for hours. Then I was like, hmmmm this song is growing on me now!

  2. Oh and it's ok. I don't find myself busting out singing it at work That is how I know it's a hit!


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