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Hillary Clinton is More Popular Than Ever, She Has the Majority Vote for the 2016 Presidential Election

Two new polls out this week suggest Hillary Clinton has strong support and is the top contender for the 2016 presidency.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, 57 percent of all Americans would support Hillary Clinton for president – including 66 percent of all women. She even wins support among 23 percent of Republicans.

A Siena College poll of New Yorkers released Wednesday found a 75 percent approval rating for Clinton – her highest ever in that poll – with 54 percent saying they wanted her to run for president and 39 percent said they want New York governor, Andrew Cuomo – another rumored 2016 hopeful – to run as well.

According to news reports, 68 percent approve of her work as secretary of State, the second-highest margin of approval of the past five secretaries of State.

Sixty-six percent also hold a favorable view of Clinton, a career high for the former first lady. Clinton also has heavy support in New York, where 54 percent of registered voters say they'd support a presidential bid by her in 2016, according to the Siena poll.

But... nothing is official yet, Clinton hasn't mentioned any plans for running yet. But, if she does, she has my vote!