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Beyonce Shows Off Curvacious Body On Possible Leaked 'GQ' Cover

A fan leaked cover photo?
Everyone is buzzing about Beyonce's supposed GQ's magazine cover for their February issue. The bootylicious singer is shown in a cut-off athletic tee, red leopard panties with zipper pockets and a thick gold chain.

UPDATE!!! Jan. 9, 2013:

This is indeed the cover photo. Beyonce covers GQ's Sexiest Women of the 21st Century. GQ posted more info on their blog to confirm the rumors.

beyonce gq 2013 thatgrapejuice Beyonce Covers GQs 100 Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century
There's no confirmation yet as to whether this is GQ's official February cover or not but dang, I feel the need to hit up the gym more! Go 'head Beyonce!

There are also rumors that Beyonce is currently shooting a music video. Gossip site Love B. Scott reports that Beyonce may be shooting the video while currently in the Bahamas and that there are no other details on the possible music video shoot.

Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks may even be collaborating with Beyonce on a song called "Ratchet." This could be a Beyonce and Lady Gaga "Video Phone" part 2.

This photo was recently uploaded to Beyonce's Instagram
Billboard pieced together clues of a collaboration after Beyonce shared a photo of herself wearing “ratchet” bamboo hoop on Dec. 30; the day before, she shared a photo of the earrings alongside a pair of purple printed flats. 

The music website says  that the camera that snapped the photo of Beyonce wearing the earrings hints that the singer was on a video set.

Lady Gaga is also photographed wearing similar "Ratchet" earrings like Beyonce