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Karrine "Superhead" Steffans Was Pregnant with Lil' Wayne's Baby!?

Author and retired porn star Karrine “Superhead” Steffans suggests in a new book that she was once pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne’s child. Karrine talks about her experience with Lil’ Wayne in the new book, which she’s calling “How To Make Love To A Martian: An Interpersonal Literary Project.”

The two have been romantically linked in the past, but in a video preview of her new book posted on her official website, she hints that she had an affair that led to her carrying Lil' Wayne's child.

“It had to come to this. I’d been with him so long, there was no way I’d leave him for my husband. There was no way I’d settle for a life without him, but no way I’d settle for a life with him –– a life on the road, swimming in a pool of women,” Karrine says while posing in bed.

“But, this baby in my stomach. This secret. How would I tell my husband? How would I tell my lover? My Martian."

Check out the video below: