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Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony is Suspended After Kevin Garnett Postgame Confrontation Plus, Carmelo & La La Seperation Rumors

Melo Suspended For One Game, No Pay

Carmelo Anthony has been suspended for one game without pay for confronting Kevin Garnett on Monday night after their on-court confrontation during the Knicks and Celtics game.

Rumor had it that Kevin Garnett said Melo's wife, La La Anthony tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios but Melo hasn't confirmed what was said to him (click here incase you missed that drama).

Melo will not play with his team tonight as they face the Indiana Pacers. He will also lose about $176,700 of his $19.4 million salary, according to reports.

Sources are reported saying Melo shouted and cursed at Garnett after the game first near the Celtics' locker room and then he confronted him outside Madison Square Garden by the Celtic's team bus.

Whatever choice of words Garnett used, it didn't get him suspended.

Trouble in Paradise For Melo and La La?

There are also rumors spreading around that Melo and La La are having marriage issues. But, what marriage doesn't have issues?

The couple is reportedly living separately. Some sources tell the New York Post that the couple is still very much together, while others claim their relationship is not doing so well.

La La is said to be away why filming her show La La’s Full Court Life, in London, New York and L.A. So supposedly they are not separated and are still together. A source says La La and Melo have a house in L.A., so she’s always there when she’s doing auditions.

Others talked to the Post about La La's recent partying habits with her friends - something that has made Carmelo "angry."

“She’s been living in L.A. while Carmelo has been in New York," a source said. “La La used to go out to the games and wanted to be seen ... Now she’s always off doing her own thing.”

“During the summer they were looking for a new apartment constantly,” a source said. “About two months ago, that completely dried up. They don’t even return their brokers’ phone calls anymore.”

Uh oh! I guess we'll see how that all plays out.

And as for Kevin Garnett supposedly saying the comment he said to Melo... it was also said La La did NOT sleep with Kevin... incase anyone was wondering. I'm sure she didn't... eww lol.