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Samuel L. Jackson Dares Interviewer to Say the "N-Word," During 'Django Unchained' Press Interview (Video)

The Django Unchained cast sat down with interviewer Jake Hamilton a couple of weeks ago at a press junket. So then, Hamilton approached Samuel L. Jackson with a question about the movie’s controversial use of the “n-word.”

Jackson insisted that Hamilton say the word out loud even after Hamilton repeatedly refused.

"We're not gonna have this conversation unless you say it," Samuel says in the video below to Hamilton.

Now Hamilton recently spoke out about the awkward exchange between him and the actor.

He said, "The most awkward moment was just seeing everyone in the room freeze, and waiting to see what my reaction was going to be."
Some people are now saying Hamilton should have simply said the word, while others applaud the reporter for not saying it. Hamilton says that his decision was in the best interest of the show and the network.
Watch the video below — Jackson’s segment starts at 13:55.