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Rumors: Was Beyonce Rocking A Fake Hip Enhancement at the Grammy's?

So gossip site is trying to reveal that Beyonce had some type of hip enhancement done which was shown during the Grammy's. On their site, they have various Beyonce pics on the red carpet and while she was on the stage introducing Justin Timberlake along with Ellen DeGeneres. Now rumors are also spreading that Beyonce possibly wore a fake butt that made her hips look lopsided.

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"Clearly Beyonce used SOMETHING to try and accentuate her figure. We just hope that WHATEVER she did to her body isn't PERMANENT .. . cause she looks DEFORMED!!!," MediaTakeOut reports.

They are pointing out that her hips look lopsided in all the pics and say there is no way they are real. While posing for pics, Beyonce seemed to be leaning on one foot, giving the appearance that one hip is bigger than the other.

I say don't believe the hype. Besides, celebrities wear padding in their dresses and other clothes all the time. And, people are always fishing for something, especially when it comes to Beyonce because they can't find anything on her. The woman is naturally Bootylicious as we can see when she rocks those leotards and fishnet stockings.


  1. I an expert on plastic surgery. Beyonce is not naturally bootylicous. She had it done in early 2003. Beyonce is fake. I hate people that they say there all natural. We cant be perfect. You know girls when you pass 18 u dont grow u stay the same. If u see her pics in DC in 2001 she didnt have a big booty, nose is wider, didnt have abs.


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