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Photo Op! Giants Player Victor Cruz Dines at Rutherford, NJ Restaurant

An extra treat for lunch! 

So lucky me, everyone is saying, when I tell them about my lunch outing that happened yesterday (April 4).  

I ate lunch out with two co-workers at a Thai restaurant called Red Basil in Rutherford, N.J. and who walked in!? .... New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz... yup, that salsa guy!

(See our photo below)

Victor casually walked in with his girlfriend/fiance/wife (not sure which title to give her, lol) Elaina Watley and his little daughter Kennedy. His daughter is sooo adorable (beautiful hazel eyes) as she walked over to our table and was playing with my car keys on the seat. 

I didn't even realize it was Victor Cruz until my friend Karen - who kept trying to drop me hints at the table, lol - told me that it was him as we were leaving the restaurant. So, just to confirm, I walked back inside, to his table, and asked, "are you Victor Cruz?" and he said yes! Karen Google'd pics of his family and sure enough that was all of them.

Victor is so humble and such a nice, regular guy. And, his girlfriend/fiance/wife was wearing some fierce bright blue pumps, go girl! 

Although I am a Cowboys fan (yes, I am!) I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to take a picture with a very handsome, popular, New Jersey NFL player. So, we asked Victor if we could take a photo and he got up from his table and posed with us ladies...

I'm pictured in black, Victor Cruz and my two co-workers