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Rihanna Rocks Out the Prudential Center For Diamonds Tour!!

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Shine bright like a diamond! .... this is exactly what Rihanna did last night as she rocked out the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for her Diamonds Tour.

Rihanna opened the concert with a "Mother Mary" intro and then busted out singing "Phresh Out the Runway," the first song off her latest album Unapologetic. She served most of her popular hits such as "Birthday Cake," "Talk That Talk," "Cockiness" and "Hate That I Love You." The crowd was extra hyped when she sung - what I call "the strip club anthem," - "Pour It Up."
 Rihanna changed often throughout the show, first coming out in all black (as shown above) and rocking black thigh-high boots as well as white thigh-high boots. She wore a beautiful, long and fitted red gown, stood on some rotating device as she sung her and Future's hit song "Love." And, I loved her last outfit, a silver and glittery ensemble that she wore while singing her hits "Stay" and "Diamonds."

Rihanna shouted out the Queen Bee, Lil' Kim who was in the audience as well.

Lil' Kim shows Rihanna some love backstage
Rihanna's concert could have easily been three hours long. Since she came out in 2005, she has released seven chart-topping albums and has a slew of hit singles. So I understand that she couldn't fit all of her songs in the concert and couldn't even sing full versions of some of her most popular hits.

She quickly sung "Umbrella," "What's My Name?, "Love the Way You Lie," and "Take a Bow."

What I like about Rihanna is her realness. She wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to tell the world. She asked us if we've ever been in love and then started singing an emotional "What Now." I would have loved to hear her "Stupid In Love" song during this part.
Rihanna surprisingly sung "Rockstar 101" off her 2009 Rated R album. Although I love this song, I would have rather heard her sing another one of the songs she left out such as:

"S.O.S" (I think there was a short peep of this song, very short)
"Pon de Replay"
"Russian Roulette"
"Shutup And Drive"

All of these are great songs that she left out.

Rihanna shined better as she sung her party/pop hits such as "S&M," "Only Girl In The World," "Don't Stop The Music," and "Where Have You Been." Let's not forget "We Found Love," where Rihanna actuallty went into the crowd and danced around.

Everyone knows Rihanna grew up in Barbados and stays in touch with her Caribbean side. So of course she dedicated part of the show singing some of her reggae hits such as "Man Down," "Rude Boy," and the newest one "No Love Allowed."

Everyone went wild when Rihanna performed her banger "Jump," which is a sample of Ginuwine's "Pony." That beat is hot! Everyone was on their feet, singing along and bouncing to the beat. Fire exploded up on the stage which lighted up infront of our eyes and made the stage even more bright.

After "Where Have You Been," the singer said goodnight and people must of thought the show was over. But, Rihanna came back out on stage for the encore and sung a very emotional "Stay." She then told the crowd that New Jersey's energy is impeccable and that no one was going home until she sung her last song. She then ended the concert with "Diamonds" as everyone threw their diamond signs up in the air.

A couple of songs I would have liked Rihanna to sing: Her duet with Chris Brown, "Ain't Nobody Business," the sexy song "Skin" and her older hit "Unfaithful."

All in all, I would say Rihanna's concert was more like one big party with all of her fans. Her dancing was good, her voice during the ballads was good, and on some of her other songs her voice was just okay. All together, I was entertained and I'm glad I got a chance to see her perform live.

Now my throat is sore from screaming out and singing to every single song, lol.