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POWER Season 3, Ep. 307: 'Don't Go' (FULL RECAP)

"Don't Go" Season 3, Ep. 307 - Full Recap!

This episode focuses on the aftermath of Lobos' death and Ghost leaving Angela...

Ghost is in bed, dreaming of Angela. 

"I love you ... I've always loved you," he tells Angela who is right next to him in bed. "I didn't mean to hurt you, but I had to."

Ghost moves and Angela says to him, "don't go."

But, reality kicks in ... Ghost awakens in his hotel bed, alone and there's no Angela anymore. Not after he dumped her and left her crying on the floor of her apartment. 

Ghost receives a text: "In front of Truth."

In the next scene, Angela is dealing with the breakup and is venting to her sister, Paz. 

Paz calls Ghost an asshole and tells Angela he isn't good for her. 

"But, I thought he was worth it," Angela says. 

"Don't worry, you'll find someone else," Paz says comforting her sister.

"I don't want someone else, I want him!" Angela says with tears in her eyes. "No one else will ever know me like that."

Paz brings up the fact that Ghost was still married, but Angela continues to defend him and says she saw separation papers. She says she can't even recognize herself anymore. 

"How could he do this to me?" Angela says, but then there's a knock at the door.

One of Angela's coworker's, Tim, shows up. 

Who's The Dirty Cop?

Tim tells Angela to get her laptop and phone and says she has to come with him right away, but she doesn't know what for. 

When she arrives at the office, she notices Greg sitting there and a bunch of others from the task force who are all going to get questioned today to discuss the criminal conspiracy surrounding the escape and death of Lobos. 

Everyone on the task force is on a suspect list, including Mike (who is the real suspect here). 

Two lawyers, a man and a woman, start their questioning. They found out that Lobos' prepaid burner phone is linked to someone in the office which was moments before his death. So, they are 100 percent certain that someone in the building was involved with Lobos' escape. 

They grill Mike about being interviewed before when Lobos was stabbed on his watch. But, Mike tells them it was a formality and he was cleared and that he was never a suspect. Mike lies and says he doesn't know anything about the cellphone. He clarifies that he made the Lobos request but says it was Angela who filed the paperwork. 

Greg talks about being in the van at the time Lobos was transferred and how he got shot twice in the vest. He's asked why wasn't he shot in the head. Greg also says in his report that the Lobos escaped was definitely an inside job. 

Greg is asked why did he pursue the Lobos case so hard, even while he was on suspension. He goes on about his theory that he thought Lobos could help him reveal the true identity of Ghost and says Angela is sleeping with James St. Patrick. 

The lawyers tell Greg that Angela didn't break the law and that has nothing to do with Lobos. They also don't get why James would want Lobos dead. 

The lawyers think maybe Greg set up Lobos' murder and planned on pinning it on Angela to get back at her for ruining his career and because she fell in love with someone else. 

"Look at Angela, you'll find the proof, she's involved," Greg says, his story is not changing. 

Angela gets questioned on her whereabouts during the time that Lobos escaped. Also, her past mistakes in the force get brought up. 

The lawyers tell Angela that Lobos is now dead and she's not happy. Angela asks for a break and goes to the restroom to pull herself together. The lady grilling her walks in and as they're discussing Lobos, she tells Angela that his murder is not her problem anymore. She also promises Angela that she will get her answer soon as to who pulled the trigger.

The questioning goes on all day and Mike continues to look like the prime suspect being that he has been working on the Lobos case longer than anyone else in the department. 

Mike refuses to throw any one of his colleagues under the bus. But, if he wants to be cleared, Mike may have to give up a name. So, he finally cracks and says to both lawyers, "how much do you know about Angela's relationship with James St. Patrick?


Ghost and Karen meet up at his club to discuss their business deal.  

Dre walks over and Karen soups him up, telling Dre that when the deal goes through, he won't be making copies much longer. 

"Have you seen you?," she says, smiling at Dre. "We can't afford to have you just pushing papers in the back."

Ghost says that is his vision as well because Dre has a lot of potential. 

Ghost quickly peeps the security walking around his club, at least now he knows they aren't really security, they are Milan's men. 

Tommy and Julio walk into the club and Dre says to Tommy, "Its been a minute, man."

"Yeah, I wonder why," Tommy responds coldly. 

"Look, I was just doing what I had to do," Dre says while Tommy sticks up his middle finger right in his face. 

"Alright, play boy," Dre says and walks away. 

"I ain't working with that Tony the Tiger-looking motherfucka, Dre" Tommy tells Ghost. 

Dre and Julio are cool though.

Ghost tells Tommy they can't talk inside the club, he thinks his club is bugged, Milan may be listening. 

Tommy asks Ghost if he took care of Angela, thinking he killed her. But, he finds out Ghost just dumped her. 

Ghost reassures Tommy that Angela is not coming after them because the Lobos task force is over. But, Tommy has doubts and says when the cops find Lobos' body, it'll be a different story. 

"Will you please check your attitude man," Ghost says to his friend. "I'm serious, you're gonna get us both killed."

Ghost looks down and notices Holly's ring around one of Tommy's chains.

"Milan could have killed us, we don't know what game we're playing here, we gotta stick together," he says schooling Tommy. 

Ghost hopes that Milan will eventually slip up so they can take him out. Milan's men pull up outside the club and pat down Ghost and Tommy for weapons. Dre steps up to Ghost and asks if he's good, but Ghost tells him to fall back. Ghost and Tommy are instructed to get in the vehicle and the men say Julio and Dre can't go.

And, guess who's lurking nearby, watching everything ... Kanan.

Tasha Needs Help Controlling Her Son 

Tasha gets Tariq ready for his therapy last couple of therapy sessions. 

She tries to stay positive and says to her son, "Don't you wanna see your father for career day?"

But, he ain't having it and answers with an attitude, "No, and you hate him too, so why do you even care?"

"I do not hate your father," she responds. 

"Yes you do!," he snaps back. "You're a fucking liar, just like him." 

Tasha goes to slap her son, but he grabs her arm and stops her. 

Tasha is shocked by Tariq's mouth and actions. 

She yells to him, "Boy, you better get your black ass to your room, right now! You lost your goddamn mind!"

She immediately calls Ghost and leaves him a voicemail to come check his son before she kills him first. 

Enslaved To Milan 

Ghost and Tommy head to work for Milan, to replace the drugs they stole from him, but it won't be easy.  

Milan is no joke and he shows he's not to be fucked with. He even kills one of his men with his bare hands right infront of Ghost and Tommy. Milan says the guy didn't follow his instructions. 

Tommy makes eye contact with Milan and asks if he really eats people. 

Milan requests all of his product by the end of the day, but Ghost tells him all of their clean money is tied up. Milan tells Ghost that his men need to get to work. 

"The white one will prove himself very useless soon," Milan tells his men about Tommy. 

Tommy seems like he's not as bothered and tells Ghost he's not paying upfront for untested product and Milan will just have to deal with it. Ghost reminds Tommy that Milan is not to be messed with, he just killed one of his own men. 

"Once upon a time you would've been the one warning me not to cross him, now you seem all about it," Ghost says. "What the fuck is up with you?" 

"What the fuck is up with you rolling over like a little bitch?" Tommy says to Ghost. "You really gonna deal in your club?"

Ghost says they need to do what Milan says for now and that he can't do it alone. 

But, Tommy tells Ghost he ain't his boss, "I've been running things since you left, I'll handle this my own way." 


Later on, Ghost heads over to Tasha's to talk about their son. 

"He's just getting worse, Ghost." she says. "If he can raise a hand to me, the worse is yet to come."

Tasha says Tariq is still upset at Ghost for taking away the basketball game they were supposed to go to (the night the Jamaican's were going to kill him. But, Tasha has no idea what Ghost went through that night).

"Do you even know how to tell the truth anymore?" she asks. 

Ghost responds, "You want the truth? I need your help." 

He goes on to explain how he got the contract from Karen and that he needs to borrow some money, since he's short. He brings up the idea of taking a loan out from their kids savings and he needs Tasha's permission since she's the co-signature on the money. 

Ghost said he wouldn't be begging Tasha if he had other options. But, Tasha quickly reminds him that he does have other options, Angela and "all the lawyer money she has." 

"Umm, I can't ask Angela, we're no longer together, I ended it" Ghost informs her. "I can't get into it right now. I'm asking you, I need the money."

"I'm sorry, I'm not betting their future on yours, find another way," Tasha tells him and walks away. 

Dre Works With Kanan, He Doesn't Have A Choice

Back at the club, Dre takes the trash outside to the dumpster and gets ran up on by Kanan. 

"You lied to me!" Kanan says. "You said Ghost was out and not fucking with Tommy anymore." 

"I just found out my own self man," Dre says. "I'm out in the cold, just like you." 

Kanan releases his grip around Dre's coat. 

"It's time for you to get inside and find out what he's up to and fast, I'm not sure how much longer I can lay in the cut," Kanan tells him. 

Ghost doesn't have his part of the cash investment anymore to do business with Karen. She's giving him to the end of the day to get the money. 

Dre notices that Ghost is back in the drug game and he asks to get in on it too.

"I didn't want to bring you into all of this, I wanted more for you Andre," he says.

"What about what I want for me?" Dre says. 

Ghost tells Dre to walk with him, still cautious about his club possibly being bugged. Ghost tells him that Tommy and him are forced to work with Milan, but once he's done, he's back out of the game. 

Ghost makes Dre a deal and says if he can help him get rid of Milan then he'll give him a cut of the money.
He then tells Dre the next step, to make an anonymous tip about a missing person, Tatiana. Remember her? Tatiana was one of his employees who put the bloody tarot card in his office drawGhost says he'll get the cops to handle the rest. 

Tommy Finds Out Holly Was Pregnant 

Meanwhile, Tommy is at Tasha's and she gives him a check. Before Tommy can leave, she asks why did he have to do Holly like that and says now she's probably far away. 

Tasha assumed Tommy knew about the pregnancy and thought he chased her away. But, Tommy had no idea of the pregnancy and now Holly is dead. Tommy leaves to get on the elevator and is in shock about the news he just received. 

Paz Isn't Taking Ghost's Shit

Ghost heads over to Angela's apartment and lets himself right in with his key. When he walks in, he see's Paz is there. He tells her he just came to pick up some things and Paz said she's already packing his stuff up to go. 

"Paz, your sister will soon see that I was just trying to take care of her, I was just trying to protect her."

"She loved you, she would have done anything for you," Paz says. 

She tells him that Angela used to be smart, but now she's questioning herself and is getting questioned at work over some fuck up.

"Look, Paz, I'm not a bad man, I'm just..."

"A man," she says completing his sentence."Not enough pussy, you got bored, you moved on, I get it."

Paz opens the door and tells him, "get out!"

"If I ever catch you near my sister again I will kill you with my bare hands," she says and asks for his set of keys. 

Angela Is Told That Jaime (Ghost) Played Her

The lawyers go through Angela's phone and read her old texts from Jaime, texts from when he played like he was at the hotel. Angela continues to defend herself and says the person who helped Lobos escape knew about his GPS tracker and now she has to prove she didn't know. 

The female lawyer thinks Greg is wrong about Angela, but she tells Angela that James used her. 

"You got duped again, sweetie," the lawyer says. "Love will do that to you."

"This has nothing to do with love," Angela says.

"We are just as strong as them, even stronger, until we fall in love and lose focus and then we fuck shit up and they know it," she tells Angela. "When St. Patrick looked at you, he didn't see a future, he saw a typical woman, a sucker."

Angela goes on to say that she didn't get played, Ghost did. She tells the two lawyers that she bugged his phone while she slept with him so they can get close to Lobos. 

"Lobos would have slipped right through our fingers again if it weren't for me using my 'special set of skill' to track Egan," she says. "Every action that I have taken - whether it was ethical or in the grey - has been to mount Lobos' head on a wall, and I dare you to find any evidence to the contrary." 

Angela gets through to the lawyers with her statement and she's finally free to go. 

The questioning is far away from being over though. Now they want to talk to Jaime. 


Tommy heads to the church for confession and talks to the same crooked priest, like the last time. Tommy says his life was real good, but then every thing got fucked up and he wants everything to go back to the way things was. 

"I want to take it all back, I made a huge mistake and I can't fix it," Tommy confesses. 

Tommy sits there holding a gun in his hand as he tells the priest that his new connect doesn't want him to run guns for the Albanians anymore. 

"He's a crazy motherfucker and he's gonna kill you if you don't stop running those guns," Tommy says. "Let me save your life, father, let me do this one good thing."

Angela Questions Tasha And Gets Put In Her Place

Angela gets home and see's her closet is half empty, all accept one of Ghost's shoes. 

She decides to do a little investigating and calls the hotel where Ghost stayed at with Tasha.

She heads right over to Tasha's residence and starts questioning her in the lobby. 

"If you are covering for him, you can be charged as an accomplice and a conspiracy to commit murder," Angela tells Tasha. 

"If you are found guilty, you will lose your kids, you will lose your home, you will lose everything. If you lie, I can't protect you, what's it gonna be?"

Tasha walks away and thinks about it, then she turns around and says:

"No, you're right, my husband did murder something when we were at the Oddett the other night," she says. "Shoot, who am I telling, you know how he is with it, nearly broke my damn back."


Angela responds, "That's not true, he wasn't there. He was killing Felipe Lobos and don't pretend you don't know who that is."

"Ghost and I fucked sweetie ... all night," Tasha tells Angela. "Matter of fact, he's upstairs right now, you wanna call and ask him for yourself?"

The expression on Angela's face is priceless. 

"How could you take him back?" Angela says with the look of disgust on her face.


"I am his wife and the mother of his children, I never lost him, Tasha says. 

"So, whatever you think he did the other night, he was with me. You were a midlife crises, Angela," Tasha adds. "Crises over." 


Meanwhile, Ghost is upstairs talking to his son and tells Tariq he needs to apologize to his mother. 

"Real men apologize," Ghost says. 

"So, you want me to apologize to her like I did to your side bitch, right?"

Oop! Tariq has some balls lately!

Ghost grabs up Tariq real quick and says, "What the fuck did you just say to me, little motherfucker!?"

Tariq looks scared as hell. 

Ghost realizes he went a little too far and Tariq quickly leaves out the room. Ghost then receives a text from Paz that reads Angela needs to see him. 

Tasha gets back upstairs and says, "You made dinner plans in my house without telling me?"

Milan Invades Ghost's Family Life

Ghost is shocked to see Milan standing there comfortably in his family's home with a woman  by his side ... oh, it's Tatiana! ... the woman who used to work at his club, the one he told Dre to call in a tip about earlier. 

"Kids, dinner," Tasha yells out. 

"Just the adults, Tasha," Ghost tells her. 

But, Milan says he brought enough for the children. 

Ghost gets in Milan's face and says, "why are you here?"

"You were looking for Tatiana?," Milan says. "Very smart."

In walks the children and Milan starts talking to them and walks over to the table along with the kids. He stands over them with a hand on each of their shoulders and says while looking at Ghost:

"Family is important to him and what's important to him is important to me."

Milan takes his place at the head of the table and Ghost just stands there in utter disbelief that this dude had the audacity to show up at his home and talk to his family while breaking bread. 

"James ... James," Milan calls out to Ghost who is in a trance. "Please, join us."

Kanan Is Cold Blooded, Not Surprising 

Meanwhile, Kanan continues to move his plan into action. He's shown helping an older lady with bags into her apartment, he seems to have known her since he was a little kid, 

Dre calls him with the scoop about Ghost working for Milan. 

"Hold on," Kanan tells Dre. 

He pushes the old lady in the house and she falls unto the floor. 

"What are you doing to me?" she yells out while trying to fight him off of her. 

Kanan grabs a 'Jesus Saves' pillow and smothers her face with it until she dies right there on the floor. 

Cold blooded! Did he have to use the Jesus pillow though?

He gets back on the phone with Dre and tells him the plan is already in motion.

"We gonna give this nigga a history lesson, take him back in time," Kanan says and grabs a Jesus photo off the wall while smiling. 

Tommy Has Nothing To Live For, Milan Hands Out Lessons

Tommy is still grieving over Holly and is at the spot where her body was dumped. He's sipping on a bottle of liquor and reminiscing until he hears car doors slam shut. He stands up and four men surround him while one shocks Tommy with a stun gun, twice. 

Tommy falls to the ground and is carried into a van. 


After dinner, Ghost hands Milan his check. 

"You made the right choice, paying me instead of Karen, but I still need you to find a way to make the deal work," Milan says. 

"Karen called it off, the deal is over," Ghost says with a straight face. 

But, Milan insists that Ghost works on getting Karen to do business with him so he can use her as well to sell his product. 

"I'm not gonna sell drugs in my clubs, it's too risky" Ghost says. 

"I am in your home, with your family, that is a risk," Milan responds and lights up a cigarette. "Think of them the next time you want to betray me."

Ghost looks at Milan like he's crazy ... well, yea, he is. 

Tatiana walks over and says to Milan, "look at his face when he looks at me. He really thought I was dead."

"You have everything to lose," Milan tells Ghost before he exits. 

Tasha walks over and says her goodbyes to Milan and Tatiana.

"What the fuck is going on, Ghost?" she asks.

He grabs her hand and takes her outside. Tasha tells him that Angela came by and she knows about Lobos. And, Ghost tells Tasha they're talking outside because Milan might be listening. She's confused as to who Milan is, so Ghost fills her in.

"He might be the most dangerous man I ever met," Ghost tells her. 

"What are we gonna do?" Tasha asks.

"I see Milan made a mistake today, I'm gonna use it to get us out," Ghost responds. 

Later on, Tommy is shown getting thrown on the floor. He's stripped down wearing only his boxers as several men circle around him and start throwing punches. Tommy fights back to defend himself and a man is watching over the entire thing. 

The man yells out, "kill him."

Tommy looks up at the man, helplessly, and the other men start severely beating Tommy's ass. 

Milan walks over and starts watching the attack. The men continue taking jabs in Tommy's abdomen until Milan walks right over and talks to Tommy who is barely standing with blood all over his face.

Milan tells Tommy that he is not simple, but he his disobedient. He orders his men to let Tommy go. They release Tommy and he falls to the ground, badly beaten. 

"Why do you want to die, Tommy?" Milan asks. He touches Tommy's necklace and says, "oh, this is about a girl."

Tommy tells him to just fucking kill him and Milan see's that Tommy has nothing to lose. He says to him, "this is the best time to be alive."

Milan and his men walk away, leaving Tommy on the ground, laid out. 

Don't Go

Ghost is back at his hotel, sitting on his bed when he gets a knock at the door.

Angela walks in and says, "I can't stay long, I might have been followed."

Ghost says Paz told him about her being questioned at work. 

 "You wanna know if I gave you up," she says with her back turned away from him.

"No, I wanna know if you're okay," he responds.

She turns around to face him and says, "No, Jaime, I'm not okay."

Angela tells Ghost that she knows he killed Lobos and now it looks like she participated. Angela needs his help to prove her innocence at work, and she wants to know who told him where Lobos would be during his transfer.

"You used me," she says. "As soon as you got rid of him, you got rid of me, admit it."

Ghost pushes Angela to the bed and starts searching her.

"Get the fuck off of me!," she yells out. "I'm not wearing a fucking wire. If you go down, I go down."

"I told you Lobos was alive, that makes me part of the criminal conspiracy to commit this murder," she says. "I didn't tell you where he would be, I didn't know, that's why you have to help me find who the real leak is."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Angela," Ghost calmly responds. 

Angela is desperate for answers and tells Ghost if he killed Lobos it's going to trace back to her. 

"You're gonna let me get the death penalty for something I didn't do," she tells Ghost with tears in her eyes. 

"Angie, don't say that," he says. 

"You told me you didn't love me anymore, but you lied," she says. "You never loved me."

Ghost grabs Angela as she's walking away and tells her he does love her. 

"I'll fix this," he says.

"The only way to fix this is to tell me who helped you," she says. 

Ghost says, if whoever murdered Lobos had inside information, he doesn't know where they got it from.

"Find out!," Angela says before she storms off. 

"Angie, don't go!" Ghost yells after her and he has tears in his eyes.

But, she's gone.

In the next episode, it looks like Angela and Ghost have to work together, but she makes it clear they are not friends or lovers, they're just two people working together to stay out of jail. Ghost gets brought in for questioning and Angela will meet up with both Tasha and Tommy about the case. Tommy tells Angela to stay cool otherwise her and Ghost will need "his and her jumpsuits." And, will crazy Milan recruit Tommy as one of his own since Tommy has nothing to lose?


  1. Hey there...What do you think Ghost is referring to when he tells Tasha that Milan made a mistake? It seemed like they zoomed in on the name on those cigarettes but I am just still tryna get back down to my resting heart rate cuz POWER be stressin me

    1. Lol! I noticed the cigarettes too when Milan lit up in Ghost's home. I'm not sure what to make of that...if it was the brand of ciggs or the fact Milan smokes, I'm not sure what the mistake with that could possibly be though

    2. I missed this so I can't say for sure what happened to the cigarette... But if anything if he left the butt it will contain his DNA which means he can be set up. So he may take the fall for Lobos murder IF Angela cooperates.. At least that's my take on it anyway..

    3. I missed this so I can't say for sure what happened to the cigarette... But if anything if he left the butt it will contain his DNA which means he can be set up. So he may take the fall for Lobos murder IF Angela cooperates.. At least that's my take on it anyway..


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