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WATCH: Beyonce's Pepsi Commercial & Her and Jay-Z Spend Wedding Anniversary In Cuba (Photos)

Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Havana, Cuba on Thursday (April 4)  as they marked their fifth wedding anniversary. They took in the sights of Old Havana, visited a school and strolled the fan-filled streets. On Wednesday night, the couple dined at La Guardia restaurant along with their mothers.

 According to gossip site

Though the two are usually very private about their personal lives, the restaurant’s manager, Beberan Aemereca, didn’t keep from indulging the press with some details, including Bey and Jay’s menu and drinks! He said the couple “ate chicken with honey and lemon, a restaurant specialty, and had mixed appetizers,” while Bey enjoyed a lemon daquari and Jay a mojito, all followed by some red wine.

Bey was wearing a black and white dress, and "looked very beautiful” without any makeup on.
Beberan also added:

"They both looked very relaxed and were having a good time… They looked like a family, like a family dinner. It was like they were on vacation and were very relaxed and happy."
And Jay was even presented with a cigar on behalf of the restaurant! Beberan revealed:

"He smoked it here and she [BeyoncĂ©] took some photos of him while he was smoking it. She didn't smoke it.”
Beyonce may not have smoked, but she sure did show some love for the restaurant's employees and posed for photos with them after dinner! 

Check out more photos below AND Beyonce's Pespi commercial that was just released yesterday! The ad plays out like a capsule of Beyonce music videos through the years.