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MTV's The Challenge: Rivals 2 - Cast Members Announced!

MTV's The Challenge: Rivals 2 is back! Starting Wednesday, July 10th, 32 cast members from past Real World and Challenge seasons will be battling it out for $350,000. The season was filmed in Thailand, where 2009's Challenge: The Ruins was shot.

Wes and CT get into a verbal altercation
last year on The Challenge Rivals
16 women and 16 men will be divided into two-person teams, rivals as their partner. Will these hot heads be able to work together to make it to the end?

Exes Diem Brown and one of my favorite cast members, CT Tamburello will both be back, competing on separate teams this time around.

CT is paired up with his much known rival Wes. This is a stacked team! If these two are able to get along, I see them winning a lot of challenges and making it far.

See the teams below:

Male Teams:

-CT (RW: Paris) & Wes (RW: Austin)

-Jordan (RW: Portland) & Marlon (RW: Portland)

-Knight (RW: New Orleans) & Preston (RW: New Orleans)

-Zach (RW: San Diego) & Trey (RW: St. Thomas)

-Dunbar (RW: Sydney) & Tyrie (RW: Denver)

-Frank (RW San Diego) & Johnny (RW: Key West)

-Derek (RW: Cancun) & Robb (RW: St. Thomas)

-Ty (RW: DC) & Leroy: (RW: Las Vegas)

Female Teams:

-Paula (RW: Key West) & Emily (RW: DC)

-Sarah (RW: Brooklyn) & Trishelle (RW: Las Vegas)

-Nany (RW: Las Vegas) & Jonna (RW: Cancun)

-Cooke (RW: Las Vegas) & Naomi (RW: Las Vegas)

-Camila (The Challenge: Cutthroat) & Jemmye (RW: New Orleans)

-Anastasia (RW: Portland) & Jessica (RW: Portland) >>> the newbies!

-Diem (Fresh Meat Challenge) & Aneesa (RW: Chicago)

-Jasmine (RW: Cancun) & Theresa (Fresh Meat II)

Did your favorite make the cut?