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Battle of the Exes Recap: Rachel is Targeted by the 'Power Couple' and CT & Diem Get Closer

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Episode 4: "Love the Way You Lie"

Couple Drama
The Challenge
Elimination Round

Couple Drama
Diem is having a hard time with trusting CT and says she feels like CT doesn't respect the way she thinks.

"If he's not gonna take in what I'm saying then why should I take in what he's saying," Diem said.

"I feel like Diem is carrying all of our past issues into the challenges and it's really affecting how we perform, it's frustrating, it's driving me crazy," CT said.

Later on, the cast members decide to throw an animal party to have some fun. Robin distances herself from the rest of the group but decides to show up as a Vampire to an animal party.

"One of the problems with Robin is she really, really has a horrible social game. She just thinks she's different for people, which she is. But it doesn't make it easy for me," her partner Mark said.

Tyrie and Jasmine argue yet again and Jasmine yells out him to stop being on defense mode all the time.

"You suck the life out of everything that is around you, you just suck," Jasmine said.

CT tells Jasmine that her and Tyrie have the potential to be a good team and she should be nice to Tyrie because he likes her.

Jasmine says CT's relationship with Diem is different than her relationship with Tyrie. But CT said he is frustrated with the way things are between him and Diem.

"She talks to everybody else in the house about our relationship but me," CT said.

He just wants to be on the same page with Diem and the two finally talk out their problems.

"I cant win without you and I can only help," CT said to her.

Diem and CT work through old baggage to solve their communication problems.

The Challenge
The couples play "Rolling in the Deep" this week where all the teams had to hang on top of a giant log that rolled down wires over water.

The goal was for each team to hold on to the log for as long as they can. Once the couples dropped in the water, they had to swim as fast as they can to the finish line where both players had to ring a bell. 

The longer the teams hung on to the log, the least amount of swimming they had to do and a less of a drop they had to deal with. 

Exes try to spin their way to a win during the Rolling In The Deep challenge.

During the challenge, Diem and CT show improvement in this weeks performance. Diem said she's ready to prove to everyone that she can perform and not be the anchor holding CT down.

Jasmine and Tyrie hold on to the log as long as they can but when they let go, Tyree falls on top of little Jasmine in the water which slows down their time and puts them in last place this week with the slowest time. This in turn gives them a straight trip to the Dome.

The two teams with the fastest times were Johnny & Camilia and Ty & Emily. Both teams competed in a final round to win the power of "Power Couple" and Johnny & Camilia win it again.

Johnny already has his eyes set on Rachel & Aneesa to compete in the elimination round. Johnny still has bad blood with Rachel from The Island where Rachel voted on Johnny to go home.

He talks to Mark about his decision and says, "what good is it to keep her around?" But Mark considers himself a good friend of Rachel so he stays out of it.

Johnny and Camila warn Mark about his alliance with Rachel.

Camilia winds up telling Johnny what Rachel said in an earlier conversation. She said Rachel talked crap about Robin and said Robin is still in the game because of her partner Mark and Rachel also supposedly said Mark doesn't even want to be there.

Mark gives Rachel advice on how to talk to Johnny Bananas about her place in the game.

Johnny & Camilia tell Mark what Rachel said. Johnny calls Rachel a snake for talking about her friend Mark like that.

"...I basically helped her win $100,000 so to hear that she's throwing me under the bus, I'm pretty pissed off," Mark said.

Him and Rachel were partnered up in the Duel II which Rachel won, so he doesn't understand why Rachel would talk about him.

Later on, everyone goes out to the club. Johnny pulls Rachel to the side and confronts her. He said him and Rachel left on a f*cked up note...he's still on The Island. 

"You're trying to throw the whole f*cking house under the bus," Johnny said. "You're paired with a f*cking snake dude," he tells Aneesa.

"I really didn't have anything against Johnny but all of this really reminds me of what a schmuck he is," Rachel said.

Robin gets emotional after learning what some of the other Exes really think about her.Robin catches feeling over the comments Rachel said earlier. 

Robin said she would never want to lose her dignity or integrity in the game because it's not about her, it's about her and her child now.

"I don't like the the manipulation, the lying, the politicking, I don't like it. That's why I never won," Robin said.

Is Robin breaking down already?

Elimination Round
Johnny said Rachel rubbed him the wrong way and he sends Aneesa & Rachel in the Dome to compete against Tyrie & Jasmine.

Rachel feels like Johnny attacked her character and she said she never threw her friend Mark under the bus.

When the two teams meet in the Dome they see a familiar game "X Knocks the Spot" that was already played by Nate & Priscilla and Wes & Mandi, who also got sent in by Johnny & Camilia in the first episode.

Both teams had to jump over and duck under bars while standing on top of boxes. The last person standing wins.

Rachel and Jasmine fight for survival in The Dome.

Jasmine struggled with her height, being that she is shorter than the other teammates she had a harder time jumping over the bars. It all came down to her and Rachel in the end, but Jasmine fell off her box and her and Tyrie were eliminated.

Rachel & Aneesa are still in the game and now Johnny is worried that Rachel will be after him now.

"Camilia and Johnny made a big mistake," Rachel said. "I have no reason to not go after him with every inch of strength in my body."