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Zoe Saldana Confirms Sexuality, Talks About Race, the Nina Simone Portrayal Backlash and Her Weight

Zoe Saldana created more buzz about herself when she said in a recent interview that she might end up with a woman raising her children. Zoe poses naked for the cover of next month's Allure Magazine. She shared with the magazine that she's open when it comes to her sexuality, and when asked about her sexual preference, she said:

"[I might] end up with a woman, raising my children….That’s how androgynous I am."

Zoe is currently promoting Star Trek Into Darkness, in which she plays the historic African-American character Uhura. In a recent interview with BET, after being asked a few questions pertaining to racial identity, Zoe made it clear that it’s a very uncomfortable topic for her to discuss.

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She also talked about the backlash she received about portraying Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic. She said the backlash was very disappointing, considering  she identifies with the African American community the most.

On the backlash she received for playing Nina Simone:

"All I can say is, though it did sting for a bit, that a community that you feel most identified with, would have such a negative backlash and you are at the epicenter of it all, it is understandable. All I can say is the people that came together for Nina, did it out of love for Nina and that will never be wrong, and I will always stand behind that."

When asked about the recent comment she made in Allure about possibly having a woman raise her kids, and if she was confirming that she was bi-sexual, Zoe expressed her frustration with people always wanting to categorize or stereotype other people.

Watch that video here on BET.

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On top of the racial and sexuality comments, Zoe is also now hearing talk about her weight since posing nude on the cover of Allure. “Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds of Grit and Heartache” is the line on Zoe’s cover story.

The actress went on Today earlier to talk about her role in Star Trek, and she addressed the controversy of her weight:

“It would have been wrong if they were lying about my weight,” she said.

“This is how much I weigh. It’s something I can’t control. It’s who I am. I have a very thin frame, I was a ballet dancer. They wanted to do that, I don’t think it was to make an issue of my weight. I think it was to talk about that for a lightweight person, I seem to be really strong-minded.”

About the nude photo shoot, Zoe admitted: “I wanted to be bold and myself and be naked in a very symbolic way with my fans.”