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Evelyn Lozada's Gashed Forehead Photo Surfaces From Last Year's Chad Johnson Incident

Remember when Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson got into a dispute last year which resulted in Chad headbutting Evelyn

Now, photos of the reality star's gashed forehead have been released. TMZ (of course) has obtained pictures of the Evelyn's forehead that shows the nasty gash and the cut is pretty deep and worse than what I even thought it was. 

Reports say the gash measured at 3 inches! Geez!! (((See photos below)))

This incident cost Chad his marriage and his career as an NFL player. The former football player recently spent seven days in jail for slapping his lawyer's behind (read more about that here) but has now been released and is once again apologizing for his behavior and saying he has learned his lesson. But, has he? 
“I think everyone deserves a second chance. Many would say I might not deserve it. I would like to finish my career the right way. I don’t want the last thing to be remembered, ‘Well Chad was cut from the Dolphins for an incident he had with his wife.’ I would love to grace the football field one more time and to help some team. I’m not injured; there is nothing wrong with me. I’ve learned my lesson, especially after those past seven days.”

There ain't noooo coming back from this. He's dunzo in my book. Peep the photos of Evelyn's forehead below, smh.

evelyns headbutt2

evelyns headbutt4


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