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Mother Loses Limbs From Getting Butt Injections with Bathroom Sealant!

This isn't the first story, and probably not the last, of butt implant horror stories...

A mother of two used to get teased as a young woman because she supposedly had a flatter butt compared to her friend, and according to the Daily Mail, she says that she developed many insecurities about herself and her butt.

The mother and hairstylist, Apryl Michelle Brown, told ITV’s “This Morning” that in 2004, a woman came into her salon saying that she performed butt injections. The mother then went ahead and started receiving injections from the woman because of her issues with her self-esteem. But her body started rejecting the injections. She was getting a bathroom sealant injected into her body, not silicone!
Brown was told by the lady that she needed four set of injections and after the second set, she stopped coming back because she didn't feel it was right to do.

I thought, what are you doing? And that was a sign from God to stop,” Brown said.
Unfortunately she stopped too late and the injections on her backside started to itch, discolor, and then become painful. When Brown went to the doctor, they told her that the chemical could not be removed. As she got sicker and sicker, they eventually had to do something.

According to Brown, the doctors had to remove the silicone along with the butt cheeks which then became infected, and the doctors gave her 24 hours to live.
But, the doctors didn't give up and after 27 operations, they had to amputate her buttocks, her lower arms and lower legs, all places where the sealant had spread. Brown was in an induced coma during the operations. When she woke up, she said there was no more pain, but she lost some limbs and gained a new outlook on life.
“I don’t think God gives you opportunity to live again without using it to stop others. I want to teach that we mustn’t ever look for something outside ourselves to validate ourselves."
"We’re already born whole and perfect and complete, and nothing we do on the outside will make us change on the inside."
"When I got the injections I already had great self esteem. I thought I was just enhancing myself. But looking back, I see there must have been an extreme issue," Brown said.

This is sad. Love yourself and be happy with what you have. MESSAGE!

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