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7 Things We Learned About Tinashe from Her Interview on 'The Breakfast Club'

Ms. "2 On" herself R&B singer Tinasha stopped by Power 105.1 this morning and interviewed with The Breakfast Club. I first saw the 21-year-old perform her breakout hit single "2 On" live at this years pre-show at the BET Awards, and that's when I really started feeling that song. And, of course, this song is all over the radio.

What I didn't know about Tinashe is her background, and I learned a lot listening to her interview this morning. Check out the seven things that stood out to me during her interview this morning:

#1 Tinashe is not new to the music industry. In fact, she has released three mix tapes. She also had a recurring role on Charlie Sheen's hit show "Two and Half Men," and she has had other acting gigs.

#2 She decoded the meaning of "2 On" and said it means when someone has been drinking and is basically a little buzzed, they're feeling a little too good... so they're '2 on.'

#3 Tinasha's father is from Zimbwawe and her mother has Swedish, Danish and Norwegian ancestry.

#4 Tinashe was apart of a girl group called the Stunners (this group was founded by New Jersey singer Vitamin C who you most remember for the song "Graduation (Friends Forever)." 

After looking the group up, I see they performed on The Wendy Williams Show and they contributed a song to an iCarly soundtrack.
Tinashe's debut album "Aquarius"
#5 The "2 On" remix features Drake. So how did she get Drake on the record? Tinashe said she had no idea Drake was going to do a remix, and she heard about the news on Twitter in her @ mentions. She figured he liked the song so she went along with it.

#6 She has a home studio where she wrote the songs on her new album and she co-wrote other songs as well.

#7 Tinashe's name means "God Is With Us" in her father's native language.

Tinashe's debut album "Aquarius" is now out in stores. In case you haven't seen her video for "2 On," check it out below as well as her interview this morning. You can also view her BET Awards pre-show performance here.


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