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Cheeeeese! Ready to Take a 'Donut Selfie'?

It's time to step your selfie game up!

If you don't know what a selfie is (or a "facie" as my mom likes to call it, lol), then where have you been for the past eight years!? Well, there's a new spin on taking selfie's (a self-portrait photo) and it's called the donut selfie. This new photography trend is supposed to capture an entire 360-degree environment.  

According to an article posted on Yahoo!, the donut selfie was introduced this past week by the creative Karen X Cheng, a photographer/videographer, known for her 100-day video challenge that went viral last year.

"The donut selfie involves spinning your phone's camera around your head (in a donut shape) to show your surroundings," according to Yahoo! News.

These donut shots, as they are called, are edited together to create a short video clip (slideshow) that you can send to your friends and family.

The idea came when Cheng and her friend were playing around with her camera and doing different camera motions to create optical illusions which she thought looked cool.... then voilĂ , the donut selfie was born.

I might try this, but I have to say... it seems like a lot of work compared to just doing a regular selfie, lol. Do you think the donut selfie will be the next best trend?

The hashtag #donutselfie is already starting to build up on Instagram and on Twitter with people posting their cool 3D-like selfie videos.

If you're interested in learning more about this, Cheng has set up a website and a tutorial video about the donut selfie. Watch below:

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