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Chris Brown Says He's Ready to Have a Baby with Girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Is Chris Brown ready to be a father? 

Well, it seems like Breezy may be ready to experience the world of fatherhood soon. While chatting it up with the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club crew and Angie Martinez last night during Power House, Chris talked about being ready to become a parent and having a baby with his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“If it happens, it happens. I’m not trying NOT to make one, the singer said. 

The Power House concert took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, last night. The Power 105.1 fam interviewed several celebs, including Chris. The singer discussed the Tyga and Drake situation, saying if anything happened, hypothetically speaking, he would stay out of it and be the first one to walk away because he’s on probation. 

Chris discussed going on tour with Trey Songz who was at Power House as well and Chris also mentioned Rihanna, saying there will always be a headline written anytime him and his ex are in the same vicinity. 

The singer said since being on probation, he’s not allowed to do drugs or smoke weed, obviously. He said smoking weed helps calms his nerves, the anxiety he has and helps with his insomnia. 

When asked by Charlmagne Tha God about having a baby, Chris revealed he’s ready to be a father at 25 years old. 

“I need something to calm me down, he said.

But, it seems like Karrueche, who was with him last night during the interview, may not be ready like Chris. He said Karrueche is already going through enough just dealing with him and all his sh*t.

This isn't the first time Chris hinted that he wants Karruehce's baby. Just last month, he posted on his Instagram account:

"Damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my sh**. Need to have this baby and stop playing! My WCW."

So last night, Angela Yee said Karrueche is a rider (as we all saw when she stuck with Chris throughout his Rihanna ordeal and she was right by his side during his legal troubles). 

Charlamagne joked and said to Chris, “she’s [Karrueche] not trying to trap you!? She’s a keeper!”

Hahaa, Charlamagne is a damn fool! 

I just have to say something... this whole "I want her to have my baby" is reminding me of Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones. Omarion spoke about his decision to be ready as a father and said he just felt he was ready and so they made a baby. 

These men want to knock up these women and be a father... what ever happened to marriage and wanting to put a ring on it!? 

Remember that old playground song "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage...?" Well, nowadays it seems like: first comes the baby in the baby carriage and then MAYBE marriage. SMH.


Check out Chris Brown's full interview with the Power 105.1 team below: 

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