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WATCH: 3D Na'Tee is Calling Out All the Instagram Posers in Her New Video "Do It For The Gram"

3D Na'Tee is calling out all the Instagram fronters in her newest music video
"Yo Instagram is a liar!"... Lol.

So, I just came across this "Do It For The Gram" music video online by 3D Na'Tee. I never heard of this female rapper, but I'm feeling her flow and this new song. The 27-year-old just released these dope visuals which is about male and female Instagram users frontin' on the Instagram app for "likes." 

Now I know people who make themselves look lighter or give themselves a tan with the filters, or you may crop out what you don't want showing in the picture, but painting this whole picture that you're living a certain lifestyle when in fact you're not is a front.In this hilarious video, 3D Na'Tee has had enough and is calling out all the Instagram posers. The rapper says she has seen a lot of people get lost all for a follower. 

"Waist training but not training your kids?," she raps. Funny, but also sad. Some females out there are really like that.

In the video, we see a female painting her shoes red to fool her followers into thinking she has a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. In another scene, a guy is frontin' like he's in a recording studio, but when in reality, he's in his momma's bathroom.

And, regular folks aren't the only ones frontin' on social media. Back in July, Soulja Boy was called out by fans for posting fake 100 dollar bills and when comments started pouring in, he deleted the photo. Smh.
Question... people who front this much, don't they know any of their followers? Isn't their that one friend that could be like, "why you lying, you know you're not in a studio!" ... Or are these people putting on a front for people they don't even know or hang out with? I really don't get it. 

Not everyday is a turn up day, not everyone can afford a $500 pair of heels, not everyone is taking photos of blue beach water on vacation and that's okay. Don't front, keep it real. I rather see a funny picture of a "struggle meal" versus you frontin' like you cooked but the picture is of someone else's meal.

We live in a world now where kids are obsessed with wanting to be popular and wanting to fit in and social media plays a big part of that. There is this need to have thousands of followers, rate photos and get souped when over 100 people like a photo.

I think when used the right way, social media is a great marketing tool and is also entertaining at times, but some people are really too obsessed. 

I'm just glad this distraction and "like" obsession wasn't around back when I was in school. See, when I was a freshman in high school, people still rocked beepers, payphones were around and you were lucky when you got that ol' school Nokia pre-paid phone (you know the one with the Snake video game on it). But now, kids got these fancy IPhones, IPads and every app and social media tool right at their fingertips, always worried about their profile, their pictures and who is liking what photo.

Stop living your life through an app and start actually really living your life, real activities, real interaction and face-to-face communication where there is no frontin'. Stop obsessing over how people perceive you online. You're fooling others for what? Keep it 100 with yourself. 

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Check out 3D Na'Tee's new video below: