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'90s R&B Group SWV Still Got It! And Opening Act Alisa Joe & GyrlProblems Perform

Twenty-four years ago, SWV stepped out unto the music scene and immediately impressed the world with their vocal skills. Throughout the years, the trio has given us those real R&B songs about having a crush, being in love, stealing someone else's man (ha) and even a song for the fellas about going "downtown."

SWV performed for a sold-out crowd at B.B. Kings in NYC
This past Wednesday, the ladies of SWV - Coko, Taj and Lelee - graced the stage at B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill ... and I was there to see them perform live for the first time! Finally!

The ladies came out on that stage full of energy and ready to have fun. They still sound the same and even surprised me with some dance moves too, singing "You're the One," "Weak,"I'm So Into You," "Right Here/Human Nature," and more. 

"Sisters With Voices got you weak in the knees..."

Coko's voice is so unique and special. She got the audience all worked up when she hit that high note to Patti LaBelle's classic song "If Only You Knew" which SWV remade on their 2012 album I Missed Us.
Lead singer Coko belts out her verse to Patti LaBelle's "If Only You Knew" 
I also watch SWV's reality show SWV Reunited and they are just as real and funny on stage as they are on the show. 

Taj had a special little part during their performance where she was "roll playing" for Halloween with gentlemen she picked from the audience. You can hear her say "I'm still married!," but she had fun telling the men to take off their shirts, do push-ups, and she poured water on them.

Since the sound quality of the performances came out terrible on my Galaxy phone, I found another video on YouTube from the ladies when they performed at B.B. Kings earlier this year... basically the same set-list, just different outfits. Check out SWV below!

Photo credit: Coko's Instagram

R&B and soul singer Jazmine Sullivan came out to see SWV perform and posed with the lead singer backstage.
Coko captioned the photo: "The lovely Jazmine Sullivan came to the show tonight!!"


Alisa Joe & Gyrl Problems
An all-female band from Philadelphia, PA, named Alisa Joe & Gyrl Problems opened the SWV concert with some of their own original songs and the ladies had the crowd rocking! 

I was definitely feeling the '90s R&B vibe coming from this group when they performed "Feel Ya Body." Their sound is like a mix of the group Changing Faces and Jazmine Sullivan.

Lead Singer Alisa Joe
In fact, the Twitter account of Alisa Joe, the lead singer of the group, says: "BGV/Singer/Songwriter for Jazmine Sullivan Chrisette Michele Monica Beyonce Trey Songz."

Look out for the bands single on iTunes soon! For now, you can follow Alisa Joe & Gyrl Problems and hear their original songs on SoundCloud. Listen below:

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