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"Bye Felicia!" is a New Makeover Series that Will Air on VH1 Soon

VH1 has just announced a new reality show series entitled Bye Felicia! which will premiere Dec. 9th. 

According to VH1's blog, the new show is a makeover show which will aim to "motivate, elevate and renovate the women of L.A." Clients are going to be motivated to say "Bye Felicia!" to their former selves.

"Bye Felicia" has become a pretty popular saying on social media and reality television lately. The hashtag #ByeFelicia has spread around and is pretty much used towards something or someone who is irrelevant and dismissing them. The saying comes from a line that Ice Cube says in his 1995 movie Friday.

VH1 released the following press release about their new show:


NEW YORK, NY- November 13, 2014 – White women of LA are getting a serious confidence boost and a little dose of reality with the series premiere of “Bye Felicia!,” premiering Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM. This 8-episode, hour long series follows Atlanta-based life coaches Deborah Hawkes and Missy Young as they set out to help white girls across the Los Angeles area. Each closed-ended episode aims to empower two different women who could use a dose of honesty in order to turn their lives around.
Hoping to impart their unique experience and wisdom through motherly tough love, Deb and Missy teach these women to say hello to their better selves and goodbye to Felicia.
“Deborah & Missy have the bold, no-nonsense voice that VH1 viewers love,” said Susan Levison, VH1’s Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production. “Plus, they are two of the funniest women I have ever met; we are so excited to introduce them to America.”
Rob LaPlante (Lighthearted Entertainment) said, “Our joy in working with the development and production team at VH1 just tripled.”
Life in Los Angeles isn’t easy. While it may seem that a stereotypical white girl is always counting calories, wearing UGG boots and spending more money on clothes for their Chihuahua than on themselves, dynamic duo Deborah and Missy set out to manage problems that go deeper than just the surface. Born to mothers who were best friends, Deborah and Missy have 40 years of friendship and have been through it all together. Deborah’s work in Personal Development and Change Management combined with Missy’s training in emotional healing makes them the perfect life–coaching team. As a pair, they see through the excuses, break down the barriers and give girls the tools they need to conquer just about anything. Advocating with an edge, Deborah and Missy will motivate the white girls of LA by giving them the guidance they need to confront their issues. Whether you need a friend to tell you it’s time to leave your man or the good sense to retire your wardrobe, Deborah and Missy offer their opinions the only way they know how – with no nonsense and flat out comedy.
Tune in for this journey to self-actualization on the new series “Bye Felicia!” premiering December 9 at 9PM on VH1.
The show was created by Lighthearted Entertainment and marks the company’s third collaboration with VH1 (“Dating Naked,” “Twinning”). Howard Schultz, Rob LaPlante, Jeff Spangler and Tracy Mazuer will executive produce for Lighthearted Entertainment. Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, Fernando Mills and Tricia Biggio are executive producers for VH1.

Will you be checking out Bye Felicia!?  

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